Reacting To Ourselves After Surgery!! (We Remembered Nothing)

Reacting To Ourselves After Surgery!! (We Remembered Nothing)

As you may have seen in the last video… we were off a da chain. This was our first time ever seeing what we did after our surgery because we remembered nothing…


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60 Responses

  1. Dana Feenaghty says:

    Ethan’s nose in this video is so cute… that sounds weird but like it is

  2. Watermelon! says:

    The ‘waasssupp brrotheerr’ from Grayson from the surgery video killed me?

  3. Celene Murton says:

    13:53 I’m pretty sure he asked Emma to like the vid ?

  4. Eva Rice says:

    Grayson’s hoodie looks like my grandmas curtains and I he still pulls it off…. how?!

  5. Amaya K. says:

    This entire video I was laughing so hard I was crying….but once I got to 24:00 I just lost it

  6. casual potato says:

    not a soul:
    not even sister james:
    *ethan: wAs ThE aNeStHeSiA dAiRy FrEe*

  7. Caydence Bundgaard says:

    THERE WAS A CAR RIDE ON THE WAY BACK?! no grayson u took a helicopter

  8. Jordyn Henley says:

    Anyone else notice that every time Ethan watches himself he kinda mouths what he says in the video?? ?

  9. Allyna says:

    watching this while on my period is not fun bc i’m giving birth to jellyfish every time i laugh ?

  10. Kaley says:

    grayson passing out while talking about pancakes is the funniest thing ever

  11. Hey it's Noah says:

    No one:
    Absolutely no one:
    No one in the entire world:

    Grayson: ‘I’m your daddy and you’re my son!’

  12. trisha montepeque says:

    24:33 Gray knows what he’s about to say and mouths “love you” ? he’s so frickin cuteeeee ?

  13. cutie pi3 says:

    4:50 it was so cute when grayson was glancing back and forth at ethan too see his reaction

  14. Kaleah bear says:

    Grayson: *dances*
    Ethan: mOm sToP hIm

    One of my favorite parts

  15. Mayum Santana says:

    Is it just me or does Grayson look so handsome in this video like his skin looks glowy….idk

  16. Isabella Johnson says:

    Buss down graysianna!!! Swivel dem hips!! ?????????

  17. Amber Davidson says:

    yung dairys free style rap shall be number 1 on the charts

  18. alexisoverit says:

    *Who else died at **_I’m your daddy and you’re my son!_** lolll?!!* ??
    btw anyone down to be yt friends? I vlog 🙂

  19. lmao Jesus says:

    No one :
    Lele: im latina
    James: im a celebrity
    Ethan: IM ITALIAN !!!!

  20. Julia - I love sex :* TAP ON MY PHOTO :* says:

    Still can’t get over that they had to put their first letter on their hand ??

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