Reading Old Comics w/ T.J

Reading Old Comics w/ T.J

Here we look into the mind of a 12-15 year old James and see how much his humor hasn’t changed. If we count the comics that I made when I was 12, then I’ve been making comics for 8 years. I hope you enjoyed the never before seen comics! Also, thanks T.J for being in a video.

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20 Responses

  1. Macaroni tastes like regurgitated worms says:

    Ravioli Ravioli, Nice video-ioli

  2. FirePower says:

    No one cares if your first

  3. Cameron Harper says:

    ⚠⚠⚠⚠⚠⚠last time i was this early Harambe was still alive⚠⚠ ⚠⚠⚠⚠⚠⚠⚠⚠⚠⚠

  4. SH00T A CUT1E says:

    Who else went for their first day of school today? ??

  5. EnderBro46 says:

    last time i was this early was the last time i was this early

  6. Alex Garcia says:

    YOU FORGOT TO SAY ALWAYS WEAR YOUR SEAT BELT!!! You cant be so fickle about
    your outro!

  7. Damian Skrok says:

    When I read w/ T.J I thought about The Amazing Atheist, because his name is
    TJ Kirk

  8. PandaLord says:


  9. CookieMeth says:

    If i get 100 likes odd1sout has to release the racist comic

  10. RamingGamer 120 says:

    yo,why you no reply,why u gotta be liek dat m8?

  11. hikage says:

    james, just… when i see u write with your left hand, i get so freaking
    happy. like YES A LEFTY!!!! AND HES FUNNY TOO!!!! thanks for being a lefty

  12. Dannielle McKoy says:

    10/10 would come back for more Billy Mays goodness :-D

  13. KhOrganization says:

    That last panel got deep. How everything we conjure in our minds is just a
    figment in our imaginations. And if we forget about our past creations
    those personified characters just end up ceasing to exist, the only one who
    can remember is you, and if you do that’s the day you’ll feel happiness
    after long years of depression! That’s when it hits you! YOU NEED TO PUT
    LESS SALT IN YOUR EGGS! Then after that everything falls into place. Your
    egg stand becomes a massive success, your making a lot of a egg making
    stand. Your life is great, you have great partners, friends, and family
    members. Then Obama comes to greet you. And as you shake his hand.
    Something happens. You see the sunlight getting brighter. Then all of a
    sudden. black. That’s when you realize it was all just a dream. And the
    dream was just a figment of your imagination. That dream contained your
    best emotions you ever felt. Your lowest lows, and your highest highs. The
    only way to remember it, is to not forget it, because… 1/2

  14. GallaGade says:

    Eyeball secret symbol is is Gemini! Oh wait I forgot nobody knows what I’m
    referencing, guess I’ll just go then

  15. Makaryo says:

    Hi Billy mays here!
    Are you tired of getting in car crash
    then the air bag suffocates you!
    so you DIE!!
    I KNOW I AM!!!

    now you don’t need an airbag..



    now when i get in the crash
    “crash intensifies”


    only $10000000000

  16. ricky baerga says:

    he said no not that 1 its racist lol

  17. Charlie Shamps says:

    Show us that racist comic…please. There I asked nicely.

  18. UWM 8 says:

    I thought it was T.J Kirk goodbye im goin to mrrepzion

  19. Joseph Bowman says:

    He’s forgetting that he isn’t funny

  20. Jasmine Skunk says:

    I like the skim (spilt) milk one! ha.