Reading Your Christmas Stories

Reading Your Christmas Stories

Merry Christmas everyone!
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  1. Krusty Crab Pizza says:


  2. jamacrama 345 says:

    Me:What’s the difference between a piano, a tuna, and a pot of glue?

    Someone: I don’t know.

    Me: You can tuna piano, but you can’t piano a tuna!

    Someone: What about the glue?

    Me: Oh, I got stuck there.

  3. SunflowerTheBunBunBunny says:

    ❤️ ? Love you James have an amazing Christmas ? ❤️

  4. Samantha Senderoff says:

    MErRy cHrIStMas!

    *Happy Hanukkah!*

    Joyous Kwanza!!!!!

    *A happy adjective* Other holidays!!

  5. TilT says:

    who is hiding in the reflection at 13:57 ???

  6. MichyChanArt says:

    One christmas, I was about 5 and we still had our first dog (Sherry), who was between 14-15 at the time. My parents invited a student who played santa for different families on Christmas Eve to make a few bucks. He made a remark about our dog and 5-years-old me said something like “Yeah, that’s Sherry! He is old, blind, deaf and he doesn’t see anymore!” :’D

  7. Balisong boi says:

    Merry Christmas James and who ever read this

  8. Lui does stuff says:

    Merry chrisis

  9. Pableep says:

    Christmas is the only time of the year where you decorate a dead tree and eat candy out of socks

  10. Pippypop0 says:

    the Onion one is kinda like when I grab a slice of lemon and eat it like an Orange

    I dont like Oranges

  11. XxSuperNova 8913 says:

    Guess what?

    I never wake up early so my dad wakes me up :/

  12. Ina 3425 says:

    Every year on christmas, my school buys a christmas tree to go around and sing but every single time someone cuts it down the day before we are going to go around it. So this year we got a mini tree made of plastic.?

    Merry Christmas ?

  13. Sodium Chloride says:


  14. WMC says:

    Don’t get the story at 4:45, what’s the joke?

  15. Unibearprincess9 says:

    MeRrY ChRiMmISs!!1!1!!!1!1! It might not be Christmas where most people are rn but it is FoR mE (I’m in Australia)

  16. Coolcookie Gurl says:

    6:58 Does James know hit or miss, too?

  17. Hypixelmaster 14 says:

    Take a shot every time he says “Merry Christmas”

  18. Bennyk05 says:

    This video should be renamed to *bad parenting*

  19. Sketch Days says:

    So this happened on Christmas week:

    Sister: Have a merry-
    Me: *Chrysler!* ( /• ∇゚)/
    Sister: ( • -•)

  20. Niamhus The Great says:

    ngl his laugh is kinda cute, no homo.

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