Real Guillotine vs. 100 Bananas & Other Fruits!

Real Guillotine vs. 100 Bananas & Other Fruits!

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Jake and Nick test the guillotine against 100 bananas, 10 cantaloupes, and 20 pinneapples. Things get messy, but also, delicious.

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38 Responses

  1. Inisii says:

    We need to get ZombieGoBoom on this channel.

    (Also P.O Box Please!)

    • ThatPandaPlayZ says:

      Inisii I’m 80% sure they have one over on their main channel Corridor Crew or Corridor Digital

  2. NitramO says:

    Very impressive but can you do “Real Guillotine vs. Henry aka Hardisk” ?

  3. Josh Griff says:

    The One Weakness: the area beneath the wheels.
    Solution: make the blade wider

    Unstoppable kitchen fruit knife.

    • Júlio Salotti says:

      Make little pieces of wood that go inwards and don’t let you put fruit where the little wheels are. Placement would solve everything, I THINK

    • Angelfox Studio says:

      Josh Griff the French didn’t have wheels on them back in the day. Either what you said or make it like they had it.

  4. Cameron Dindal says:

    Hey cantaloupe is good if it’s ripe

    it also helps if you don’t eat the skin.

  5. Revengeadaseth says:

    Shoutout to wren for thinking we wouldn’t notice his bridge four shirt.

  6. Flotorious says:

    Fruit ninja: French revolutionary DLC
    Coming fall 2019

  7. Ralf Baechle says:

    “Will it Blend?” is so yesterday so I think a Blendtec Mixer along with a VHS recording of all “Will it Blend?” episodes should face demise!

  8. thekback says:

    Guillotine vs how many sheets of paper it takes to stop it!

  9. Dan Thompson says:

    Where’s Mitch McConnell when you need him?


  10. Calvin Wilson says:

    Carbon Fiber, they need to put Carbon Fiber under the guillotine

  11. Leo Chen says:

    When you used the banana phone, I thought of Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure

  12. EthalaRide says:

    *makes a cool channel for $50 worth of beer money,*

    *buys around 100 fruits to make content*

  13. sterbot says:

    Corridor: How many camera angles do we need?

    Also Corridor: Yes

  14. Tom S says:

    The wheels definitely need a guard, but this is great.

  15. S Bailey says:

    Subscribed to pay for your beers. *Saturdays are for the boys*

  16. Andrew Stansfield says:

    Can you chop batteries like the battery vs archery video?

  17. Team AwEsOmEQ says:

    @3:16 wrens face ? I think he is having flashbacks off a banana inflicted traumatic experience.

  18. MildManNerd says:

    Was it all worth it?….The crew sits back sipping their beers “Yup” 😉

  19. Rainbow says:

    tbh if you put the wheels deeper into the posts it would never get stuck on anything

  20. Tocksique says:

    I love this channel already. It’s like a slo mo guys for guillotine specifically lol. Beers comin up

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