Real Life Trick Shots Bloopers | Overtime 8 | Dude Perfect

Real Life Trick Shots Bloopers | Overtime 8 | Dude Perfect

French Toasting, hover shoes, and Real Life Trick Shots BLOOPERS… this episode is next level!
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Bonus points if you’re still reading this!
Comment: What should we add to the wheel?

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32 Responses

  1. Logic Bob says:

    I respect you guys for not faking it…. But I REALLY wanted the other name to be Cory.

  2. Joe Cross says:

    Overtime is my favorite thing you guys do. I love it!

  3. mclaassen03 says:

    ADD 2x to the wheel, if you spin the times 2 you have to spin twice and do both the unfortunate challanges

  4. BurkeisH3R3 says:

    If Ty gets picked for wheel unfortunate, who’s going to be Ned?

  5. Catching with Carto says:

    Next weal un fortunate, Shave stripes in your hair like vertically across your head.
    Like so they see this…

  6. Hi Moin says:

    What happens when ty have to spin the wheel ?he cant be Ned and ty at the same time

  7. Adrish Mitra says:

    Gonna be honest man….. You probably shouldn’t waste that much food….

  8. Prasad Raut says:

    Overtime is much more Louder than regular video ?????

  9. Dhanad -Plays roblox&more says:

    Can we get a face reveal of the host of wheel unfortunate

  10. Joe Cross says:

    Wheel unfortunate ideas:
    1. Hunting Season
    The unfortunate DP member enters a small paintball course with a t-shirt and no gun. 3 DP members have 45 seconds to find and shoot the unfortunate as many times as possible while the unfortunate tries to run and hide. (The hunters should have semi-auto guns to not do too much damage.)

    2. Furious Marathon
    The unfortunate must watch all 8 Fast & Furious movies back to back with no sleeping. No phone/other device will be allowed and the movie pauses any time the unfortunate goes to the restroom. Food should be brought to the unfortunate to minimize the time the movies are paused.

    3. Princess Party
    The unfortunate must dress up as a Disney princess and host several little girls for a princess party. The little girls will then do the makeup of the unfortunate (maybe with permanent marker) and the unfortunate will then read them princess stories, have a tea party and watch a princess movie with them.


    These 4.2k dislikes will be from Those Guys who have already been French Toasted…??

  12. Runar Wolla says:

    On the weel put on: step on 500 lego for 20 min

  13. Yahkins Giwargis says:

    (11:28) If you notice that the CD is broken anyway.?

  14. Max Meidl says:

    Here something for wheel unfortunate: wear a Disney princess dress in the next trick shot or battle video

  15. GD Wolfi-san says:

    Ty: “I thought we are the budget!”

    Me: I’m pretty sure the Miracle Berry and that custom PC was like twice the average budget of DP’s videos, and Cody, Coby, or Cody bought the handheld laser last OT.

  16. Stephen McVean says:

    11:43, He Got 20/10 For Shutting Off The Light As Well!

  17. comedy bros says:

    Hi dudes. You should ADD getting your head Bald.

    Like if you agree

  18. Chloe Miranda says:

    Ohmygosh the guitar one??I’m cringing but laughing

  19. Random Crafts says:

    The question mark in the wheel should be =
    Eat a whole sheet of paper

    Edit : ( I know the next person to spin it will be angry on me ? )

  20. MichalGivesl's says:

    Here something for wheel unfortunate: Belly flop as hard as you can into the pool

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