Real Madrid 3-0 Valencia – HIGHLIGHTS & GOALS – 6/18/20

Real Madrid 3-0 Valencia – HIGHLIGHTS & GOALS – 6/18/20

After a hard first half for Madrid, the second half was totally different. Benzema, Hazard & Asensio formed what many think will be the starting trifecta on the attacking side of los blancos which had an overcoming story with the return of Asensio.

Luego de una primera mitad difícil para el equipo merengue, la segunda mitad pintó otra cara. Benzemá, Hazard y Asensio conformaron lo que muchos piensan puede ser el tridente perfecto de los blancos.

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76 Responses

  1. Kaitane says:

    Hazard involved in another goal, Asensio back with a goal and assist, and Benzema becoming the club’s 5th highest scorer of all time. Great game and Real Sociedad next up.

    • Infernocus says:

      @Carlos Ramos younger lol

    • Juan Diaz says:

      Valverde was totally out of position. Zidane needs have to reposition him or be casemiro’s back up

    • Kaitane says:

      @Juan Diaz yeah Valverde was really confused and lost in the first half, but got better in 2nd half like rest of the team. I think it’s cuz of the diamond and though we won I think 4-3-3 is better going forward.

    • Kaitane says:

      @El Buki whole team struggled at first tbh, and then they all get better. Hazard made some nice shots as well which he missed unfortunately, but his run led to the first goal. He’ll get better.

    • mitch keep says:

      And 4th player to score 20 or more goal in 8 years straight for real

  2. Jeet Sonwani says:

    What an amazing second half performance by everyone.

    P.S. Vinicius is so fun to watch

  3. John-ice #Halamadrid says:

    I felt so happy for Asensio..Benzema on form..hazard getting there 2 games 2 assists not bad..Asensio no words🔥🔥

  4. Vihaan Jetley says:

    That commentary for reals third goal tho 😂

  5. Mexi_Gamer says:

    It’s great to see some creativity back on the field with Asensio back in

  6. Dirty Dan says:

    Zidane’s reaction to Benzema’s third goal was awesome

  7. Josue Diaz says:

    It’s great to see that we finally have players coming from injuries to make a difference as soon as they get the chance (Hazard, Asencio) Vamos Madrid 🙌🏼

  8. Dirty Dan says:

    Benzema should totally win Puskas for the third goal 🔥🔥

  9. Dirty Dan says:

    Name a better duo: Asensio and scoring on debuts

  10. Yves Chanel says:

    Ray’s comments when Rodrigo hits the post:
    “Courtois had a little belgium wafle touch”
    Jeez Ray you really defy the law of English😂😂😂😂

  11. Rowan says:

    Glad to see that Ray is back… oh yeah and I guess Asensio 😂

  12. Lus Jackson says:

    Yow the commentary had me crying from laughter, I think I pee my pants 😂🤣

  13. Legitimate Legend says:

    6:22 the way the commentator laughs😂😂

  14. QUINPG says:

    Benzema is so good on and off the ball for years can’t see why people don’t appreciate him

    • Dabanana says:

      MBT Records he’s our fifth top scorer of all time and here u are saying he can’t score shit plus even fucking Ronaldo and Messi, let alone Lewandowski or auba go on goal droughts stfu hater

    • Michael Mato says:

      The only thing that really matters is winning the league and Champions! If Benzema can’t score against Man City and enough goals to win the league tittle, then he hasn’t done shit. I am the first to bring him down for not being a killer 9. All I want is for him to wear number 11 or 8 and we wouldn’t have this problem. I only like street high scoring strikers. He only has done it once! 2011/12 season. That’s it!

    • Judd Nearhood says:

      13 goals in almost 70 games against Barca and athletico not a great return. I still think he’s under appreciated though does alot of dirty work

    • khaled webster says:

      @MBT Records bruh he literally has the third most champions league goals after raul and cristiano ronaldo…

    • Michael Mato says:

      @khaled webster where do you get your facts from??? Your ass lol. He doesn’t! He is behind CR7, Messi, Raul, and tied with Lewa( however, Lewa has played like half the games he has…) he is a terrible striker but apparently a great team player.

  15. FlawlessPotato says:

    Tha fact that Asensio scored a goal and got an assist on his first game of the season proves his talent

    • Ry Wintergreen says:

      @Jake Bravo he also scored the only 2 goals of the match and 1 was a solo goal long shot lmao

    • Jake Bravo says:

      @Ry Wintergreen I honestly can see him playing as a CF/ST in the future,his shooting is amazing and he has great positioning.

    • Inthezal says:

      and yet is a lucky game too – right place at a right tie

    • Made By One, Ended By One says:

      @Inthezal It’s called reading the game. Not luck. It’s what separates players goal machines from other world class players.

    • Ernie Fosu says:

      Because the other team gave up 😞 and real took advantage . VAR saves them

  16. David Meneses says:

    When she give u the best sloppy toppy: 5:17

  17. Rommel James Bautista says:

    Hazard starting to turn the heat up after quarantine and Marco Asensio returns with a goal – just what we needed 🤩 this Champions League game Vs Man City is gonna be real interesting too Hala Madrid boys

  18. Muhammadyusuf Odinaev says:

    No one:
    The commentator: AaaAaaAAaaaAaAaaa

  19. Sam Pierre says:

    “The sharpest vinegar”. “He decorates the net with a dozen roses” boy I love this guy LMAO

  20. Laugh Love, Live says:

    Ray Hudson makes the game even more interesting.

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