Real Time with Bill Maher: Liberals vs. Liberals (HBO)

Real Time with Bill Maher: Liberals vs. Liberals (HBO)

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In his editorial New Rule, Bill Maher calls on liberals to stop attacking people who agree with them.

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20 Responses

  1. Tankey Longbottom says:

    Oh Bill, you’re a fucking nut, man.

  2. Josh Porter says:

    Why is it wrong for white people to turn Black Lives Matter into All Lives
    RIGHT BY THE POLICE! White people can walk into taco bell with
    semi-automatic rifles on their backs without the police even showing up. A
    black man in an open carry state was murdered by police for carrying a bb
    gun around in a wal-mart.. where he had picked up the bb gun.

    Saying All Lives Matter in this context rather than Black Lives is to deny
    the fact that black lives are specifically valued far less in our society
    than white lives.

  3. randomflashbacks says:

    Apparantly there are already liberals complaining about this. Oh the irony.

  4. Asuka Langley says:

    this is so true, on even more issues than he covered. the far left also –
    refuses to admit radical feminism has become a hate group, and radical
    Islam…we are not allowed to hurt the Islamic States feelings. sure its
    open season on Christians if they step outta line, but if you do it to a
    muslim – you are racist. its disgusting, its like they are having a contest
    to see who can be the most close minded. the far left is every bit as
    harmful as the far right.

  5. Gerard Kuzawa says:

    I do enjoy attacking and listening to others attacking leftest for their
    hypocrisy (and abundant stupidity of real-reality). Now, that is more
    inclusive than you might think for I know that the Tea Partiers and the
    Rupublicans and the Conservatives are way left of center also, though they
    are sort of right of the leftist.

  6. Josh Porter says:

    Always nice to hear from the rich straight white man without any kids of
    his own what a crock of shit all this concern about people who aren’t just
    like him is.

  7. PHIL BURTOFT says:

    Great show but why was Bill wearing his old school uniform

  8. Noah Robert Graves says:

    I by no means always agree with Bill Maher, but he’s spot on here as far as
    the Left goes.

  9. Cameron Fernandez says:

    i don’t know why but this guy’s face just screams “faggot” to me not that i
    don’t hate faggots, ilove faggots

    you wuld know i’m actually somewhat a faggot of myself if you know my fifty
    shades video

  10. Krissj100 says:

    This really needed to be said.

  11. Johan Gustafsson says:

    There is no space safer than one where everyone can safely think, speak,
    and debate freely.

    There is no space more dangerous than one where you cannot.

  12. zmc33 says:

    nice. managed to get the pro-war/anti-religion staples in there. great work

  13. NexisFilms says:

    New Rule : Since we had to endure ‘ two girls, one cup’ …
    at least someone should give us ‘three dudes, one Cupp’ …

  14. Chorp Squatch says:

    Just because ISIS is a big problem, doesn’t mean we should only focus on
    them and let every other problem get bigger…


    I’m a liberal that hates liberals

  16. Light Yagami says:

    Bill always keeps it at 100

  17. IDontKnowNorDoYou says:

    Blacks are the cause of this.

  18. Moe H says:

    The woman sitting next to Bill on the panel had the worst laugh ever, it
    sounded like she was convulsing 

  19. G0D88 says:

    ferguson was mostly a minority/black issue. white lives have always matter
    more in the eyes of this biased society so in saying “all lives matter” it
    derails from the core issue. 

  20. Aaron Taylor says:

    Wasn’t that Elton John Joke from Don Imus? Don’t let your son go down on