Real Time with Bill Maher: New Rule – Laboratories of Democracy (HBO)

Real Time with Bill Maher: New Rule – Laboratories of Democracy (HBO)

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In his editorial New Rule, Bill Maher makes the case that, if Republicans are going to call states the “laboratories of democracy,” they first have to stop replicating failed economic experiments. Original air date: July 1, 2016.

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20 Responses

  1. TehMorbidAtheist says:

    Fuck Reagan and his trickle down economics. That cunt has destroyed the
    middle class. Piss on his grave.

  2. Arlene Tognetti says:

    Bill Maher is spot on Our mice our thriving and your mice are dead.
    California did a great recovery and he is right. THANK YOU BILL!! We
    watch every Friday!! thanks from Seattle/Tacoma.

  3. ChannelMath says:

    Also, usually laboratories don’t do experiments that take or give resources
    or subjects (pun intended) away from other labs while they’re doing their
    own experiments – not very scientific

  4. ben better says:

    Hillary Clinton is a pathological LIAR. Write in someone else for
    President. Democrats are fools to vote for her. She doesn’t care or even
    know how average people live.

  5. Ralph Dratman says:


  6. Mikey T says:


  7. Vincent Laughton says:

    Republicans are hard at work protecting us in the bathrooms right
    now…shuush! What would we do without them?

  8. Mark Arandjus says:

    Did they let Rich Evans into the audience? :D

  9. Flintstoned says:

    Well, at least you know they aren’t using canned laughter.

  10. Vincent Falcone says:

    California sounds great! Can’t wait to move there. (Looks up cost of

  11. Daniel Natzke says:

    Good to see Bill laughing at all of his jokes as usual.

  12. TheBlackMage3 says:

    California has a money surplus from the tech bubble. Simple as that.

  13. SailTCB says:

    California is booming in debt. High taxes have driven business elsewhere
    and the state cannot pay it’s bills. That is your actual lab result.

  14. Stephen LeGresley says:

    Can someone please find that loud laughing woman and throat punch her. It
    was driving me as a viewer crazy and i cannot imagine how annoying it was
    for the people around her. If your laughing voice is that loud naturally
    then when you go to a comedy show, have some decency and wear a muzzle.

  15. Austrian Markets says:

    Detroit Baltimore…

  16. I.E Politics says:

    really California sucks if yr poor funding that housed homeless vets
    suspended .. guns are no longer A right to the american citizen curruption
    at in a all time high .. yea its nice that yr filthy rich ..but when yr in
    a city that has curruption everywhere you look its hard to have two jobs
    and still feel yr just running in circles

  17. Griffin Lamp says:

    I’m born and raised in Kansas and I can say Maher is right about the
    bullshit trickle down theory.

  18. Fresh Urb says:

    all california had to do was give up its freedom and liberty to government

  19. Simon Randall says:

    Who is that idiot cackling in the audience??

  20. Marc Goudreau says:

    Greed is probably one of the most common and persistent human traits
    evidenced throughout our long and sordid history on this planet. Leave it
    to American politicians hand picked by the corporate elite to reinvent
    human nature in the form of the “trickle down theory” of economic
    stability. Not much trickles from a bucket when the bottom is 10 miles
    deep, dark, and hidden in rules the likes of which the Panama papers have
    only scratched the surface of. Poor, uneducated people will always be
    victimized by the Gordon Gecko “Greed is Good” ethic invoked by the
    privileged and advantaged.