Real Time with Bill Maher: November 11, 2016 (HBO)

Real Time with Bill Maher: November 11, 2016 (HBO)

Watch Bill and guests – Eric Holder, John Legend, David Axelrod, Ana Marie Cox, Thomas Friedman, and Trae Crowder.
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19 Responses

  1. Walter Maisel says:

    Is there gonna be any mention of DNC/HRC corruption?

  2. Sean “DragonStryk72” McTiernan says:

    She won the popular vote by .2%, period. that’s a statistical tie, and
    would have gone to a vote in the Republican-controlled Congress. We’d still
    have Trump.

  3. J Miles says:

    And who is the person that fits every single one of this panel’s
    credentials? Bernie. Fucking. Sanders.

  4. Sam King says:

    The reason Trump won is because he ran against Hillary. She is a horrible
    candidate with a terrible record.

  5. Mejico 7cero says:

    These sore losers are making fool of themselves..and I’m loving it.

  6. Kuddles McKitten says:

    Even Bill Maher doesn’t understand that the electoral college was made to
    protect rural America from being dominated by 5-6 major urban areas. LOOK

  7. Garry Perkins says:

    I hated so many of Bill Maher’s pre-election speeches, but I LOVED every
    word that he said in this episode. I am a Midwestern white American, and
    everything he said is correct. So many people in the US have been left
    behind, and it is offensive for rich people of color to tell homeless
    whites to “check their privilege at the door.”

    We need a more inclusive America, not just inclusive of minority rights,
    but inclusive of ALL people. I think about the Black Live Matter movement,
    a truly American movement that should have already had successes, but it
    has failed in all of its goals because it is so focused on hate, that it
    forgot to realize that it needed universal support to succeed. They forgot
    they strategies of the civil rights movement, and as a result they have
    failed, and America had not improved as a result.

    Leaders on the left need to escape their elite bubbles and actually learn
    about real people’s lives. A wealthy urban liberal who visits some housing
    project will know nothing of normal American life. Most people do not live
    in $300k condos or public housing. Most people work hard for modest wages
    and are not looking for a handout, but they want a shot at a real middle
    class life. They do not want welfare, but they demand jobs. They get angry
    when such jobs are give to people from foreign countries (not programming
    or pharma research, but I mean regular jobs in their own communities going
    to people who are not only outsiders, but do not even speak English). If
    the elite had any idea of how terrifying this is to most Americans, then
    they would not be surprised at Trump’s victory. If anything, the
    disparaging remarks made about Trump supporters in the media were the
    driving force behind his victory. Who would you vote for if everyone were
    screaming that your parents and kin folk were all worthless redneck

  8. Steven ________ says:

    That lady was hard to watch lol

  9. sojutime says:

    The reason Trump won is because 40% of the electorate gets its news from
    Facebook “News”.

  10. desertraven says:

    Wow, she fell flat every point she tried to make, and every joke got
    silence. Must be sexism.

  11. ThePromisedWLAN says:

    This was an interesting display of doubling down on bad ideas that have
    been throwing the American political left off kilter. Only Bill seems to
    have an inkling of sense post election.

  12. thekillers1stfan says:

    This bitch got so triggered “are you honestly saying that politics don’t
    cater enough to white men!?” obviously Trump’s did since he fucking
    destroyed Hilary with the White male vote. Recognizing problems outside of
    minorities isn’t a bad thing. It’s pretty obvious that the Hilary
    campaign’s biggest mistake was ignoring their problems and focusing on
    issues that were unimportant to the Majority group. It’s a democracy and
    when one candidate is speaking to the majority and another to the minority
    the one speaking to the majority will win even if they are completely
    outclassed by the other candidate in every way. Do you think JFK or FDR
    only spoke about minority rights and ignored the problems of the
    “privileged white man”? fuck no they didn’t. I’m a white dude who voted for
    Hilary but it’s clear that she should’ve addressed a lot of issues that she
    ignored for no real reason.

  13. Robert Cece says:

    I hate when pundits on either side say that phrase “half the country”. No,
    it’s not half the country. MORE THAN HALF the country didn’t even vote. I
    was one of those people and there’s 135,000,000 American’s just like me.

  14. Legion _ says:

    D E L U S I O N A L
    L E F T I S T S
    C R E A T E D
    T R U M P

  15. Sufian Kassam says:

    I’m so glad he’s still here. Made me feel better after Tuesday.

  16. cindy Queen says:

    Welcome to the idiocracy. White people just played themselves.

  17. U Stunod says:

    want shit not blown up in america,bill? stop blowing shit up in other

  18. Marc P. says:

    WHAT A PUSSY YOU ARE by not putting any Republicans on your show, i would
    have loved to see Ann Coulter rake your sorry ass over the fire.

  19. rockpaperscissors82 says:

    The electoral college will never be abolished. Not only would 2/3 of both
    Senate and House need to approve the amendment, but also 3/4 of the states
    need to approve it — states that benefit from the electoral college. Stop
    dreaming, Democrats, and start appealing to those outside major
    metropolitan areas.