Realizing you’re in the WRONG house.

Realizing you’re in the WRONG house.

When you find the people around your aren’t who you think they are.

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70 Responses

  1. shae B says:

    “He didn’t wash his hands” I deadass cried😂😂😂😂😂😂

  2. Abel Snijder says:

    Video idea: When you brag about seomones second In smash then he plays his main does one super long (true) combo and you react or something

  3. Sahil Shamdasani says:

    Caleb: “I didn’t hear the sink”
    Coronavirus: HMMMMMMMM

  4. Dannyskies says:

    He questions about him wearing shoes in bed but not the fact he’s wearing a literal JACKET in bed…

    I thought I was the only one who does that.

  5. Natsu says:

    Plans for Tomorrow:
    – Make a hotdog for breakfast.
    – Search how to make hand sanitizer.

    • maham meher says:

      Use glycerin, rubbing alcohol and some other thing I forgot. Just giggle it

    • Sean Arya says:

      _ HAVOC _ no actually it’s 12% aloe Vera 80% alcohol 20% secret anti germ formula and 50% salt

    • k d says:

      Athunic 12 *D I S G U S T A N G*

    • Cherah Lindo says:

      @I stan Killua, Periodt. Lavender has antimicrobial properties, so it does benefit the mixture. Especially if you use lavender essential oil.

    • I stan Killua, Periodt. says:

      @Cherah Lindo Oh ok! But it is only optional right? My mom and I were actually thinking of making some hand sanitizer. We have a bunch of essential oils but I never thought lavender was needed.

  6. EMMANUEL GYAN says:

    The thing is you are not in the wrong house, you are in an alternate dimension universe…

  7. Cosmo Clam says:

    “Bto, a hotdog is a singular person snack.”

    “So It wouldn’t hurt you if I could have a piece”


  8. Simte says:

    *I sleep well knowning that Caleb will never be alone during the quarentine.*

  9. Best Friend says:

    Caleb: i didn’t hear the sink

    Coronavirus: It’s free real estate!

  10. Best Friend says:

    0:45 I do not know how he made himself look sinister while wiping the table

  11. Maheer Huq says:

    Other Caleb: **uses bing**
    “He’s too dangerous to be kept alive.”

    • Shigeru Miyamoto says:

      Good thing I use AskJeeves

    • Pasang Sherpa says:

      i use ecosia

    • Dannyskies says:


    • Advent Memory says:

      Other *OTHER* Caleb: “It’s not the Caleb way! He must live!”

    • Jacob Schweiger says:

      bing is useful for politcial seraches. I tried to find the number of kids who died anualy of school shootings in america and all it showd where articles about people complaining and lists if everytime a gun was fired in a schoolzone. When I used bing I found the actual answer. For 2019 it was FIVE, imagine trying to take away the second amenndment rigthsof hundreds of millions becuase FIVE fucking people kicked the bucket.

  12. Top Řanķ says:

    Plot twist : he was in a actually in a mental asylum.

  13. Mxly says:


    CoronaVirus: MHMM!!! We throwin hands now

  14. D-lite says:

    Everybody talking about him wearing shoes in bed, but he’s wearing a hoodie under a blanket

  15. Not Your Average Nothing says:

    Never heard a hotdog called a “snack” before.

    • Eric Lemaire, Jr. says:

      It’s the great debate…is it a sandwich? Some might say it is but is it though? And what constitutes a “snack”?

    • Mr. Nonsense says:

      Eric Lemaire, Jr. it’s not a sandwich. Like fr, it’s confirmed

    • Dr. Apollo says:

      Mr. Nonsense I reported your comment for hate speech. Let’s see how your non-sandwich hotdog will help you now!

  16. Issa Makky says:

    The question rlly is: why were his keys in his boys bed

  17. • hannah • says:

    Caleb: walks to closet to grab hoodie
    Other Caleb: Opens closet door “Heyy I’m here for the interview”
    Caleb: **intense sweating**

  18. S RAVY says:

    *Fun fact : HE was in the wrong house the entire time, that wasn’t his house*

  19. Hope4NewDay says:

    “He didn’t wash his hands….”
    COVID-19: “It smells mad healthy in here. I like that”

  20. Colorful Comics Productions says:

    Caleb: “Can I get a piece?”
    Other Caleb: “Of a SiNgULAr hotdog???”

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