Really? Dumb Youtuber Philip DeFranco Answers Your Qs Live…

Really? Dumb Youtuber Philip DeFranco Answers Your Qs Live…

I’ll be live for about an hour or two answering any questions you have. Since the chat is going to be busy you can ask questions here, in superchat, the private discord and on

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20 Responses

  1. Active Genesis says:

    Sadly never got an answer, but that is fine. Still love you Phil! Even if I spent money! XD
    Might as well ask everyone in the comments: Do you believe that small channels can grow into big channels in this day and age? (Smii7y is kind of proof I guess)
    Also, do you think that there are some smaller channels out there who are super unique and great, but go unnoticed? Love to hear everyone’s opinions! Stay awesome! 😀

  2. Jaypaulie says:

    Heeeey Philip!

  3. Cristina Vester says:

    Replay Value: ?

  4. Kat Pom says:

    This song is hilarious

  5. Hunter Zolomon says:


  6. I Love Tansyong -TV says:

    LiveStream Starts at 1:23 ————-Enjoying watching my idol. –I’m from Philippines.. Will you accept the candy coming from youtube and google?

  7. IAmFrankenstein Forever says:

    Grape jelly is of the devil! Strawberry all the way❤️?.

  8. Clash Raider says:

    1 baby is spoiled, 2 babies keep each other company, 3 is trouble

  9. Luka Arize says:

    haha that on hold music

  10. Miranda Weick says:

    How much hair gel do you go through in a year?

  11. Aldo Gutierrez says:

    I hope the next US president will be machine gun wielding terry crews.

  12. TheSheWolf says:

    Philip, please do a video on the wildfires in Montana. My state is burning down and friends had to evacuate. We are getting no news coverage and no aid. Please make a video brining awareness to what is happening in Montana.

  13. Frazer Young says:

    Hmm only 44 comments, that means someone might see this…. We want Joe to host a livestream… there I said it.

  14. DJSkywalker says:

    I have an important question: why are the live streams never uploaded to the channel? I’m never able to watch them because they air on Fridays during work hours and I can’t get enough of this show. Please Mr. DeFranco upload your livestreams so those of us who can’t tune in to the live part, can still watch. Do it you beautiful bastard!

  15. ArtAndMusicPony says:

    The Netflix adaptation of Deathnote is an abomination. If they had made it a continuation, rather than this horrible retelling and changing everything important, it would be an interesting kinda funny movie. Make it a movie set in the world after the original Deathnote series and it could raise interesting question about humanity and how someone would react in a post Kira world. It’s bad that they moved it to the States and changed Light’s name and race but also his character. Light is supposed to be cold and calculating. Ryuk isn’t the mastermind. He’s literally just there because he’s bored. Misa is beyond devoted to Light where Mia is an edge Lord crazy chick willing to kill the guy she loves. L is just as out of character. General disregard for the rules set in the manga is what hurt me most. Touching the Deathnote is supposed to let you see Ryuk but that was out the window with this crap. It could have had potential but it was handled terribly.

  16. Nyttra says:

    I did not like it at all. the only thing my hubby and i agreed on in the movie was Williem Defoe being Ryuk. It really didn’t have the same feel to it as the movie or the show. The characters just weren’t the same. And L… Don’t get me started on how the messed up on L…

  17. SCSotU says:

    Not even 8 minutes in and already discussing how much of a retarded state California is. I was born here, I’ve lived here for 90% of my life, and still, I want to desperately leave here…

  18. Frank Rizzo says:

    This music is everything. XD

  19. Emily Marrero says:


  20. Josh beyer says:

    sorry i was at work all day, otherwise id throw 5$ at yo face just cause i love ya.
    Its like 2:40am and all i can watch today is 20min.

    Phil, or whomever reads this form his staff, i love this channel and the work you do. You are needed badly, and we all appreciate you.

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