Reflecting on the Color of My Skin

Reflecting on the Color of My Skin

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56 Responses

  1. Saletti Scheiss says:

    Never thought a tech youtuber would bring tears in my eyes…

  2. Christopher Taylor says:

    You seem like a really good man Marques, that’s what I see when I watch you so all the best to you

  3. User#47 says:

    im happy that most of us here genuinely enjoy him and his content

  4. Jett Kuschert says:

    Love that you only want the anti racist subs. This is your platform love your work dude

  5. Fisayo Fosudo says:

    Thank you so much for this inspiring message Marques! You’ve inspired me personally in creating a personal brand in tech. It’s really tough out here but I believe it will all work out for the better 🙏🏾

  6. Michael Alvidrez says:

    I have MAJOR respect for you, and your channel! I’ve been a follower and supporter for years! I love what you do, it’s actually gotten me some of the tech you’ve reviewed. Keep it up!

  7. James Imonitie Oriaghan says:

    Can we take a moment to recognize that this dude has interviewed Bill Gates, Elon Musk, Sundar Pichai and the late Kobe Bryant all before he turned 25.
    Man, you have earned your place, race or no. Respect

  8. Bálint Kléri says:

    Marques, on top of being great at reviewing tech, you’re a fantastic, thoughtful person.

  9. gbsorenson says:

    Marques, I’ve watched your channel for years, absolutely my favorite tech content Youtuber. We are as far apart in our backgrounds as you can get. I’m a 54 yr old white guy from VERY rural MN. I grew up (and still live) in a town of less than 300 people. The only black person I knew growing up was an adopted boy in the neighboring town. I have never watched your channel because of the color of your skin, I watch it because you do awesome work….the best!

    Racism is cancer and should no longer exist, but it’s also a fact of life and that probably will not change in my lifetime, hopefully it does in yours. I cannot claim what it’d be like to be black, but you I have a TON of respect for, not because you are black, but because you are a young man that has worked hard, is intelligent, and excelled.

    Great message today, and I pray that it’s people like you that help shape our future!

  10. MrMobile [Michael Fisher] says:

    7:04 This reminder can’t come often enough. Thanks for continuing to serve as a most excellent role model for folks of every color, in every profession.

  11. Austin Jones says:

    “A man should not be judged by the color of his skin but by the content of his character.”

    • VanSanPro says:

      @Shked102 I get that people saying “all lives matter” are trying to be not racist. and the statement makes sense but it’s not the point. It’s like celebrating being straight during pride month. It’s like you are anti-LGBTQ. Another example is celebrating being single on Valentines Day, you don’t have to do anything but if you are going out and consciously celebrating being single you are make a statement against people celebrating the relationships.
      So when you say “All Lives Matter” when people are saying “Black Lives Matter” you are actually actively against Black people. It doesn’t make sense but you shouldn’t read too much into the literal meaning of the words but what the words stand for. “Black Lives Matter” stands for the VERY REAL racism that has existed for hundreds of years for black people and they are trying to end it(which admittedly will not happen overnight, and the stubborn ones will probably just become more overtly racist) but if we can spread awareness we can slowly get to a place where this doesn’t happen.
      Police brutality is also bad as well but that’s a hard thing to deal with because they put their lives on the line going into dangerous situations, they will just build a sort of brute character because they have to appear as an authorority or they won’t be taken seriously. But they do go overboard with it, and just need to balance it with a bit of care. If they pull out a gun at a criminal the criminal has to be afraid they might be shot, if the police get a reputation of actually doing nothing then bad people will think they can just do whatever they want without consequences.
      BLM is more about how Police have treated black people horribly historically and they are trying to end that.

    • CodyS777 says:

      GEORGE FLOYD WAS A VIOLENT CRIMINAL WHO HELD A GUN TO A PREGNANT WOMAN’S STOMACH WHILE HIS THUG BUDDIES ROBBED HER HOUSE. Quit acting like he was a saint. David Dorn’s name needs to be spread before this scum!

    • LPTV says:

      It’s actually not the color of your skin, it’s a bloodline thing.

    • shinayKahn shin says:

      Unfortunately the first thing that you see is the color of the skin and not the character.

    • mg23 says:

      only through law enforcement people can change. Nothing else can. you can speak and they will listen to you today, but they can change tomorrow as they are free to do so. But if they are afraid about the law punishing them, they will change and hesitate doing punishable things,

  12. Stallion Music says:

    You’re amazing man very well said.

  13. That Easy says:

    Everyone reading this love each other we all have red blood underneath this skin

    • ReddySetGo says:

      Someone told me a story of 4 people from different races. An asian guy killed a mexican and his brother wanted to avenge his death. A black guy tries to stop him. In a store, the mexican guy tries to shoot, but gets shot by the Asian. The black guy shoots the Asian and kills him. A white guy was also in the store and starts shooting at the black guy and they both get shot. All of them lay dying in that store, all of their blood leaks into a single puddle and drips in the same drain. All of them had the same blood leaking out of them.

    • the phantom fricker says:

      @ReddySetGo inspirational story, i’m going to test this experiment out.

    • Moiz _ says:

      @the phantom fricker nice one haha..your kidding right?

    • Grand Flex Johnson: John Jhon Jon Jonathan IV says:


    • EGO SKY says:


  14. Wild Buffalo says:

    “The best black person” really, its a segregated rewards system, its statement that you are the other instead being among us.

    • flmvdvsrg says:

      As someone who’s not super on board with all this black lives matter movement, it always bothered me how people said Marques was the “whitest” black guy they’ve seen. It’s a joke but the fact that it even makes sense and we all get the reference, and to a degree the idea that tech isn’t a “black” thing is taken seriously is so ridiculous. And it’s not a “oh I’m offended” thing, it’s about how stupid it is that we don’t see any issue in segregating ourselves and feeling the urge of pointing out he’s black.

    • Wild Buffalo says:

      @flmvdvsrg Yeah, it seems like it’s intended to separate each other. Its belittling and I think objectively is to say that black people are of a lower standard and should be treated as such. It is racism by low expectation and it really needs to stop. We all should be held by the same standard and as such stop bringing race into somebody’s achievement.

  15. Victor de Waard says:

    Peace, Marques. You’re a great YouTuber and a great human being. We all look up to you and you inspire us.

  16. KEERTHI Vanth says:

    The absence of intro and outro music shows how serious this video is……

  17. Blue Bot says:

    5:39 for me you ARE the “one of the best creators” and my #1 creator for tech.
    And really look up at you professionally and personally.
    You did not got where you are by “luck” or “being lucky” as you modestly say (which is also so respectful)
    You got there because years and years of hard work and amazing personalty.
    Wishing for brighter times
    Love 🙂

  18. Mediocre Geeks says:

    We Always looked up to you ever since we discovered YouTube, thanks for this.
    We’ve been spending a lot of time striving to be better with the resources that we have, hopefully we’ll one day have worked hard enough to build our own community.
    Much Love.

  19. Jaganpreet singh says:

    Salute the character, not the skin

  20. Alexandre Albergaria says:

    “I want to try to be something to look up to for kids like the 15y old me.” – I’m sure you already are dude!

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