Regina King’s Son Ian Alexander Jr. Dies by Suicide At Age 26

Regina King’s Son Ian Alexander Jr. Dies by Suicide At Age 26

Regina King and her family say they are “devastated at the deepest level” after the Oscar winner’s son, Ian Alexander Jr., died by suicide. King often spoke proudly of her only child, who was a major influence on her career, including her directorial debut in “One Night in Miami”.

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22 Responses

  1. X says:

    So tragic. My prayers are with her and the family

  2. KronicPain says:

    Terrible news, my heart goes out for Regina and her family.
    Mental health effects even those with a loving Mother and much material wealth.

  3. S.P. Baughman says:

    You never know what demons someone is struggling with internally ,you can put on a good show but inside you are dying…be Kind to the people you meet…My prayers are with the family…

    • Phillip Alvarado says:

      I can sympathize you know just because they put on a nice face around other people and and polite and of course at times feel great and you can take on the world you have your moments when you have to put on a face even though your suffering mentally inside I mean I can for one can sympathize with that nearly almost 2 weeks ago I tried to take my life by hanging myself and my back closet I do it just for a short. Of time so I can just feel like it could be less painful at times even though my life’s good it just my head the problem do with my head anymore but right now I’m okay not really

    • Gnirol Namlerf says:

      Why would you put on a good show for your mother? Can’t be honest with her? Can’t show your vulnerability to her? Why not? I am not referring to this specific case, but responding to the comment above, which was a general one. No, you don’t share every daily trial and tribulation with your parents. When they pile up, however, do not disappear at the end of the day, but start to become an unbearable burden, why is it that too many people are incapable of sharing the struggle with anyone else, the parents, friends, clergy, doctors: anyone? That is the question to answer, and it may have a different answer in every case. Every suicide due to emotional suffering is a tragedy. Why is it not a preventable tragedy?

    • Elli Valmont says:

      @Phillip Alvarado hi I hope you are doing ok, get help, talk to someone who you can trust. I have a friend who tried taking her own life and called me before she was about to do it. I talked her out of it and made sure she got the help she needed. It’s been 12 years now and she now a nurse and married to nice man. They now have a family and I am glad she got the help she needed. Please don’t take it lightly you might think no one cares or your life is not worth living anymore but that is not true. Please get some help and love yourself. You are worth it, think few months from now, few years from now how your life will get better. Just don’t give up ok.

    • R o says:

      @Phillip Alvarado
      You are loved. God never leaves your side. Blessings. Wishing you happiness, and peace.

  4. Swan Noir says:

    You never know what a person is going thru, and what their dealing with. We should all try to be nice to one another. I’m sorry you have to feel this pain, Regina.

    • lee Dixon says:

      @Wilfred Jones  Anybody know or heard from his Dad? Unlike Tupac…he did have a Father, but that doesn’t necessarily mean much in these times…so much on young people plates.

    • Swan Noir says:

      @Monique Collins Actually, prayer doesn’t seem to work for everyone. Pastor Rick Warren (A Purpose Driven Life) had the whole church praying his son, Matthew. He prayed, too. But he still killed himself with a shotgun blast to the heart. He had been misdiagnosed with bi-polar when he really had borderline personality disorder. He was 27-years-old . I’ve prayed and begged God for years to send help my way. The only reason why I haven’t committed suicide, is because I refuse to allow the devil to win my soul, but no longer have that mustard seed. I just ask for strength to live until I die (come home).

    • IAN MCCAULLEY says:

      @Monique Collins He was strong. As you could imagine suicide isn’t an easy act nor an easy decision. Prayer isn’t enough sometimes for some people. It’s more complex than that. No one knows what he was going through emotionally or psychologically. I can say faith without work is dead. It’s not ok to just have faith that person has strength or not have strength the work is for all of us to be better people and not judge. Especially in a situation like this. His family is hurting a human life isn’t here anymore because of the stresses we have in this world. We should be lifting each other up. Not saying tone deaf things like “only the strong survive”.

    • POP DATA says:

      @MsNandi Marie you are very wise

    • circe. says:

      I think that is a misunderstanding people have about suicide, that it is always caused by the outside so we should be “nice to others” so this won’t happen. Most of the time, suicide is a struggle with the IN, not with the OUT. Though we see bullied kids kill themselves, and think its because of the bully, that’s not every situation, especially for older suicidal people. Some people have loving, nice people around them, but still feel lost and hopeless. This is a struggle of mine, though I don’t talk about it, I can atest that yes, environment be a factor, however, it’s truly “not you, it’s me”.

  5. movingonandup says:

    This is heartbreaking. So sorry for her and all of his family and loved ones loss.

  6. B Real says:

    So sorry for their loss. I’m sure the pain is unimaginable.

  7. Novice User says:

    Heart goes out to Regina King. I can’t imagine her state of mind right now, and I pray for strength and guidance.

  8. Donna Rodriguez says:

    From one Mother,to another that lost their son to suicide. My heart goes out to you

  9. Laurie Wolfe says:

    The lost of a child has to be heartbreaking and my condolences to Regina King. Covid depression, world events depression, and worrying about family depression can take its toll on one’s mental and emotional state. I pray that God gives her comfort on this devastating loss.

  10. Scene68 says:

    To lose a child is one thing, but to lose your ONLY child is like you have died yourself. That’s very tough on any parent. Stay strong, Ms. King. #RIP to the young man.

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