Remy Ma v. Nicki Minaj

Remy Ma v. Nicki Minaj

Wendy weighs in on Remy Ma & Nicki Minaj’s feud!

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20 Responses

  1. willemdee says:

    This could definitely ruin Nicki’s career, especially if she doesn’t respond within a reasonable amount of time.

  2. Frostbite Gaming says:

    I just find it funny how Nicki never writes diss tracks to people as big as her (not just in rap). Like where was the Demi, Taylor, Miley, Azealia diss tracks? She only disses people who she THINKS don’t have a huge following anymore. She messed with the wrong one and is getting dragged across the internet now. She is a bully. This is coming from someone who used to love Nicki, but ever since she got with Meek, she has been acting up far too much. It’s time she learned a lesson. Sorry not sorry. Home girl is like 34 years old.

  3. Daisy Samuel says:

    Rest in plastic Nicki….good night!

  4. Alvin Del Rey says:

    Yass Remy slayed. Remy should collab with all of Nicki’s enemies, Mariah Carey, Lil Kim, Safaree, Miley, etc.

  5. Deana Kaye says:

    The moment when the shady camera man, pans to the Hispanic lady after Wendy says, “fabulouso” 5:42

  6. ethel yolande says:

    Nicki first instinct was to get the beehive to support her lol. Beyonce didn’t even help her man when Solange came for him in the elevator. Plus the beehive should be on maternity leave. Nicki should try to make her own brand and stand on it instead of trying to rub hands with big brands to put herself up there. I bet the elites have already told beyonce to stop all contact and links with nicki for the sake of her image. Nicki why not call all those ur sons u been claiming u send on errands and all those who carry ur queen crown about to help u Cuz Even ur fans can’t resist those bars remmy spat. that’s it nicki she was never Loyal to people only to her money , now money can’t help and there’s no true friend to stand with her

  7. Tide says:

    If Lil Kim Couldn’t Stop Nicki what makes yall think inmate 74690 Will be able to stop her

  8. Bread Crumbs says:

    Half of the audience don’t know what Wendy talking about ??

  9. sphinx onyx says:

    Mariah Carey ft. Lil Kim and Remy Ma “WE DONT KNOW HER”

  10. Lisa Conrad says:

    I mean no one likes Nicki she has the worst personality ever! Very ignorant, shallow and nasty!

  11. HelloMyNamelsBanana says:

    R.I.P. Nicki Minaj. I don’t care WHAT Nicki says back, she is already dead so it doesn’t even matter. LMFAO

  12. Leeza Weezy says:

    Nicki has to respond LMAOOO! She can go off on Miley Cyrus but not Remy ?! Wackkkkkk

  13. Wendy Whaleiams says:

    Remember when Nicki tried to shade Tyga and Kylie by calling him a pedophile and then her brother raped a 12 year old? …

  14. realtalkyafeelmah says:

    Nicki doesn’t need to clap back her career speaks for it’s self.

  15. Tony Turner says:

    I saw an interview where they asked Nicki to freestyle and she had the nerve to rap “Gucci Gucci Loui Loui, Cotton Candy, Chewy Chewy”. She’s NOT a battle rapper. She’s a candy wrapper. Remy swallowed her whole!!!!

  16. Talisa Lucas says:

    Realest thing I ever heard Wendy say “You know Nicki, this is one of those things that money doesn’t buy.” ? honestly though like bringing up money differences and album sales isn’t gonna stop the fact that Remy Ma went in and bodied Nicki. Plain and simple

  17. S Thunda says:

    Killer record sells don’t mean great music or lyrics…like the popular vote don’t guarantee a presidential win.

  18. Bobby Brown says:

    Since y’all love Remy Ma so much go buy her fucking album.

  19. Natasha C says:

    in the hip hop community we respect bars over plaques

  20. Annabelle X says:

    Remy was biting bitches heads off before she met papoose! She didn’t need no help…

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