Renovating an Abandoned Mansion Part 3

Renovating an Abandoned Mansion Part 3

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38 Responses

  1. Keith Bayer says:

    You should make a shirt with Matt’s abs and peck’s with a Demolition Ranch eagle tattoo across it!

  2. Just4fun -Family says:

    Future video.. “mansion finished, we loved it so much….we moved in!”

  3. mrTabascohot says:

    Build a infinity pool in the back!

  4. Sandz steedt says:

    You gotta get some battery backed up solar panels going. The hilltop is so open and well suited for self sufficient power generation.

  5. Jim Vandemoter says:

    I just have to know, is Meredith really that tiny, or is Matt really that tall?

  6. Good times vids says:

    Hey Matt I see one problem with a mansion I haven’t seen a garage yetyou’re going to have to build a shop at the Mansion also

  7. Oriol Jubany says:

    Can’t wait till one day Matt uploads “Renovating an Abandoned Mansion Final Part”

  8. gabytch28 says:

    Matt and Danger stars in New movie coming this summer called
    “Broke Back Mansion” ??? ???

  9. Shubhanshu Jha says:

    Never throw brick and stones in your fill, it’ll become centres of underground erosion over time

  10. Shoorit says:

    This old house 2019 version give Norm Abram a call.

  11. 510Redneck says:

    I can see it now……….ZIP LINE OFF THE HOUSE and water slides FTW

  12. Chris_h _ says:

    As a builder, I’d love to see layout drawings, to get a scope for how massive it is and your vision

  13. Jman says:

    Get “Dried in” first, fix the roof, doors, and windows. Then proceed to renovate..?
    Hope that helps you may already know by now.

  14. James's Games says:

    Matt: “The YouTube audience thought I’m loosing my sanity”
    Mere: “So did I, but that’s nothing new”
    I thought that was real funny.

  15. White Moose says:

    I didn’t realize that Rinsinger was in Texas… he has access to some pretty nerdy cool building products.

  16. Pablo De Gamer says:

    Bought those earbuds. I was looking for some. Thank you and thanks to your sponsor

    • T.Lee says:

      Caught me off guard to see Ray J sponsoring this video. He done came a long way from just being Brandy’s little brother that can sing and the guy that made a sex tape with Kim Kardashian.

  17. William Webster says:

    big 12 ft dropoff? i see cement work and a swimming pool being built.

  18. demitrius dixon says:

    You should put a lazy river in your backyard?!

  19. Matt Risinger says:

    Thanks for having me on the show Matt! And thanks to the Demolitia for getting us connected! Stay tuned for more on this Epic remodel soon.

  20. Shane Asghar says:

    Matt’s probably gotten 20 tv show offers from discovery channel and now HGTV is gonna he knocking on his door ??

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