Rep. Frederica Wilson Recounts Trump’s Call To Widow Of Fallen Soldier | The View

Rep. Frederica Wilson Recounts Trump’s Call To Widow Of Fallen Soldier | The View

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20 Responses

  1. SeyCameron says:

    It’s weird that YouTube puts this on trending with only 50k they will do anything to slander and put all of trumps comments out of context. We are just supposed to believe this lady fully because she said it. I think we need more proof than just here saying this. How about they put more than just liberals on this show so it’s more diverse and it’s not just liberals agreeing on everything because it gets old fast.

  2. Frank Junio says:

    Trump haters !!!!! All a bunch of liars….Fred Wilson is an impeach Trump, goofy,clownish cowboy hat wearing race hate baiter……A hate Trump political agenda at the price of an brave American soldier !!!! Cowboy hat wearing CLOWN !!!!!!

  3. flashfyre says:

    Was the patriot’s body cold before the sick democrats danced on it?

  4. HelloMyNamelsBanana says:

    Nothing that the president does is private. the only thing that is private is classified information. EVERYTHING else is PUBLIC because HE is in power because of the CITIZENS. Why are all these Trump supporters acting like we are living in a dictatorship? It is his DUTY as the president to work for US THE CITIZENS, not the other way around.

  5. Caroline Njoroge says:

    Meghan Omg! It’s difficult listening to you.

  6. michael pearson says:

    Three on trending ? YouTube hates trump. Were the trending Hilary and oboma crooks. This is B.S is this all they have on the view. I’am glad I don’t have cable. YouTube keep cable stations off you tube . This is for creators.

  7. friscoHub415 says:

    Well that’s what you all get you voted him in and this Congress lady is just looking for her 5min of fame i agree with super white lady its not cool she is putting his private stuff out there

  8. Kelly McShane says:

    Remember these are celebrities. Elites. Privileged. Stop looking at these individuals as moral.

  9. trouble follows says:

    New guy? Where’s the other guy when you need him? Any other guy……

  10. Greg Cunningham says:

    I have a question, who actually watches this crap?

  11. Sharyn Mitch says:

    Yes lets shift the blame from the culprit to the victim shall we Meghan…..SHAME ON YOU!

  12. Jim Brown says:

    7:06 till the end of the interview. Nothing else needs to be said, this woman is a NUT CASE. She obviously had an agenda, she just spelled it out. She knew that boy and his family and she’s upset that he died. She is going to say negative things about Trump no matter what. If Obama was the President and this boy died she would have shut her mouth because he is her black savior.

  13. Piggie Squad says:

    “This was a private conversation” TF?! Who are you to declare that? You weren’t even there!

  14. Joe Mamma says:

    Doesn’t anyone find it odd that it’s the congresswoman going around from media outlet to media outlet telling this story and not the widow? Makes me think it’s about politics as usual

  15. Tourniquet Now says:

    Artificial trending fake news.
    Democrats/Google are despicable.
    The view is plain retarded

  16. Michael Myers Sis says:

    Meghan McCain implied that congresswoman Wilson used a private conversation to political leverage and publicity. Hence Meghan questioning why congresswoman mentioned the call. And she got ETHERED by Rep. Frederica Wilson because that lady was not working any angle, she was being HUMAN and felt hurt and horrified by how poorly Sgt. Johnson’s widow was treated by Trump and how disrespectful and insensitive he is to the military and people in general. #GoAwayMeghan

  17. Barbara Watkins says:

    45 is notorious for lying.

  18. jaysenior88ify says:

    Megan is really a fucken slob I hate her. I bet she had nothing to say when whites were degrading obama. I can’t stand this trick. Anything republicans don’t agree with is wrong? Get over yourselves. I’m pissed I think America should know what was said in the call because the so called president will not say how this guy was a hero. I guess it’s ok for Megan’s Dad to call trump whatever and it’s ok. Get her off of the show please.

  19. Roger didit says:

    These brain damaged Trump haters never give up trying to find new ways to harass our president. They should take this low life senator and spit on her. The call was NONE of her business.

  20. Mausome says:

    Frederica Wilson is a liar

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