Reporters Can’t Stop Laughing At Goat Man News Fail

Reporters Can’t Stop Laughing At Goat Man News Fail

Reporter loses it trying to describe a man living like a goat. The entire news team loses it in a fit of contagious laughter.

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19 Responses

  1. Nicole O. says:

    LMAO, unprofessional but good god, who can blame her? Even the goats were
    looking at that man like he was crazy.

  2. Shinku says:

    i lost it when they showed him eating grass

  3. Munchito696 says:

    I’m in tears right now lol

  4. anye76 says:

    i have no game face i could never be a anchor. i would have done the same
    thing, lol

  5. 部洲居 says:

    I guess Goat Simulator wasn’t enough for him anymore.

  6. Keymo tha Writer Guy says:

    That bitch was high

  7. DJ H says:

    Quote of the century- “I need a cleanex”

  8. OctoberHourglass says:


  9. Toy Chest Network says:

    I was in tears not because of the goat man, but because of how infectious
    her laughter was! I couldn’t stop laughing with her!!

  10. Lee Aciar says:

    Meh,her reaction is pathetic and unprofessional but never having context
    about a story you’d have to cover would probably make anyone react in a
    similar fashion so I wouldn’t blame her entirely. That being said,dude won
    a Nobel Prize so he already outranks her in more ways then one.

  11. Gregory Melton says:

    I hope he don’t have any “kids”

  12. JustSans 2016 says:

    How is this even funny? I don’t see what funny about a man living amoug
    goats and eating grass. You people are weird.

  13. Valentino Guilot says:

    My they are so goatphobic this conservatives are the worst

  14. Jamel “Omar” Macon says:

    Wow people are actually triggered by her laughing at this.

  15. jackmen4 says:

    Lot of people butthurt in the comments….

  16. Sebastian Fernandez says:

    Well if he had a Nobel Prize then he must be doing something right. I bet
    this new reporter has none so she shouldn’t judge someone else.

  17. Jerome Clevenger says:

    Wonder if he practiced on goat simulator?

  18. Henry Baumgaertner says:

    I always thought “IG Nobel” was pronounced similar to “ignoble” but ending
    like “bell.” I’m not a professional presenter though, so I guess “eye gee
    noble” it is.

  19. Troy Brophy says:

    Say, what’s so funny? The fella just wants to be a goat, see?