Reptilian Invaders in Florida!

Reptilian Invaders in Florida!

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On this episode of Breaking Trail, Coyote tracks down one of the most invasive reptiles in Florida!

No it’s not the Burmese Python, it’s the Black and White Tegu! These large lizards are very popular in the pet trade and are known for their docile temperament…however in the WILD these beasts are FIERCE! Scouring disturbed habitat devouring anything in sight, including the eggs and offspring of native species, these scaly creatures are reaping havoc on Florida’s delicate ecosystem.

Have you ever seen a Tegu before?

Get ready to meet the new king of the Reptilian Invaders!

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19 Responses

  1. Diegolazo19 #DiegoDiego says:

    When are you getting stung again Coyote? I’m still waiting for the Warrior Wasp.

  2. Deri Jericho says:

    Have you ever visited Indonesia? We have plenty of those kind of animal, whole lot bigger.


    dude i just got back from Florida and we own a house near that area

  4. Ireland Holman says:

    i got a splinter yesterday and i still have it

  5. XxSebastian _The_ PoserxX says:

    coyote get stung by the giant japanease hornet for a challenge like if you agree

  6. SpaceGhostPurps says:

    An invasive species is an animal that doesn’t belong in that location , right?

  7. CrazyCraftGod Lion says:

    Let’s play a game every 5 likes the lizard droppds the egg

  8. GodIsTheName says:

    Coyote: AND THAT, IS A TA-
    *Add Starts*

  9. Candy Corn says:

    Who else likes his beard

  10. Ethan Bussey 03 (STUDENT) says:

    I have a bearded dragon named Draggo

  11. Saadz RS says:

    Finally, Coyote is out of Costa Rica!

  12. TheyCallMeNewb says:

    I’m glad that there was a plan to not simply kill the tegu. You did by this animal, about as well as you could.

  13. FancyGamer123 says:

    Coyote reminds me of Ash Ketchum

  14. Margaret Lauder says:

    You walked by a lizard at 4:22

  15. Lyphian92 says:

    How to properly watch a Brave Wilderness video:

    step 1: like the video before it starts.
    step 2: watch the video.

  16. Ghost says:

    Can’t believe how fast you have grown I’ve been watching since 300k

  17. Conner Cox says:

    Should Coyote win YouTube channel of the year??

  18. Tucker Roe says:

    “it ripped open my arm” he literally had a red scratch mark

  19. Jaron Swartz says:

    I think Brave wilderness should be on National Geographic… Like if you agree 🙂

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