Republicans Release New Health Plan, And We’re All Going To Die

Republicans Release New Health Plan, And We’re All Going To Die

Stephen reviews the GOP’s new healthcare plan, which has many Americans worried, but not the Grim Reaper.

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20 Responses

  1. calamines says:

    Colbert is a straight savage.

  2. S. I. V. says:

    I don’t live in the U.S. & even I’m scared.

  3. Eagle262 says:

    Pretty hilarious to see that the only thing the republicans could come up with to replace the affordable care act is something even they hate

  4. BladeWinters says:

    They’re really trying to avoid having people call it #Trumpcare

  5. Samaritan _978 says:

    We are watching the implosion of Spiccer’s brain. There’s only so much stupidity a human body can absorb.

  6. I feel It says:

    Republicans are the worst spineless human beings on the planet on their followers are trailer park rednecks that don’t know what the hell is going on.

  7. mister kickasso says:

    2:20 I like that they got Steve Bannon for this episode

  8. Gurpreet Singh MAtharoo says:

    66 page document…
    …IS THIS ORDER 66?!

  9. Eric Ling says:

    Republicans are afraid of arithmetic, since you know… Arabic numerals.

  10. Lenoah Chacko says:

    Sooo…. Republicans are incentivizing paying the CEOs more while phasing out Medicaid which affects the working class…, what a ‘party of the people’.

  11. Kynk Gaming says:

    Are Trump supporters still happy with their vote?

  12. BlueDreamKush23 says:

    So basically Trump just stamped his name over the name ObamaCare and made it his own.
    Only difference is, he was able to make it more worse.

  13. Grand Wonder says:

    It sickens me to death before the election I had several old guys struck up conversations with me, telling me how much they hated Obama Care and how Trump was going to take care of them and they were going to finally live in a freer society and won’t have to live with the dictator Kenyan as their president and yada, yada, yada! Just listening to them I could hear how much they resented the fact that their country was run by a guy that wasn’t white and how they pretty much repeated the same shit that were spewing out of those loudmouth crooks such as Alex Jones, Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity! These Trump supporters are blind sheep being led to the slaughter house and they don’t even know it! Just like Jim Jones led his

  14. Atley Meow says:

    Okay I’m convinced if you still support this administration you’re just a terrible human being.

  15. Joshua Rae says:

    Trump is all about murdering the poor, enriching the already wealthy, and banning minorities. Fucking great country we are, number one superpower and all that bullshit. We can’t even take care of our sick while we fund the largest attempt to destabilize foreign nations in the history of the human species. Why? Why is meddling in the world more important than universal healthcare? Or free college for all? Or a living working wage? Or setting off on a new green industry revolution to tackle global warming?

    I’ll tell you why. Because if you do not have economic freedom, you are not truly free. the burden of healthcare, the lack of education opportunities, and the lack of a livable working wage are all coordinated efforts to bring the masses of the United States in to a new form of “economic slavery” for all but the wealthy corporate owners of our debt. They will build their bunkers and lead us right into the apocalypse. kind of tense but you get my drift.

  16. Chris Pyak says:

    For us Europeans this whole debate is hard to understand. Why would anyone doubt the need for a healthcare system that covers the whole population?

    In my home country Germany everyone has healthcare. It’s mandatory and it’s paid by the employer.

    Each employee also has by law:

    – Care for the elderly insurance
    – Unemployment insurance
    – Retirement funds
    – Accident insurance
    – 22 days of paid vacation (in reality most have 30 days)
    – Paid maternity leave (3 months)
    – Paid parenting time (12 month)

    And guess what? Our economy is strong and our companies are profitable. Not despite, but because we make sure that no one has to fear for their basic needs.

    Since we guarantee a minimum of dignity and security for everyone – no one is tempted to go to extremes.


    Murder Rate USA: 4.90 murders per 100.000 citizens
    Murder Rate Germany: 0.37 murders per 100.000 citizens

    Same is true for rape and all other violent crimes.

    We Europeans build our society on compromise and guaranteed minority rights. Maybe that’s something Americans should consider. Your current system has clearly failed.

    PS: One more thing:
    Germany has the most liberal immigration law for professionals in the world. Guess where all your indian software developers go soon?

    America was a beacon of the free world. “A shining city on a hill” as Ronald Reagan said. I wish you guys that you discover this spirit again.

  17. Frieda says:

    This is awesome! Finally, Trump’s followers will be forced to watch as their family members needlessly suffer or die because THIS administration is what they all voted for. Happy dying!

  18. Adam Beckett says:

    I am so glad Stephen Colbert is doing political satire again. At least, we can hide our tears behind laughter until this nightmare is over.

  19. Mind of the North Star says:

    If you voted for Trump and you end up losing your healthcare… good. You should have worried less about keeping the brown people out and where people shit/piss

  20. DJ AGILUS says:

    They are getting quieter and quieter on these videos, Trump supporters that is.

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