Rescued Baby Toucan!

Rescued Baby Toucan!

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On this episode of Breaking Trail Coyote has the amazing opportunity to feed a Baby Toucan!

The rainforest dwelling Keel-Billed Toucan is world famous for its beautiful colorations and amazingly disproportionate bill size. Some of these Toucan’s bills can actually amount for up to 1/3 of their entire body length! Wow!

Now this particular Toucan chick is extremely lucky because it was rescued by the Alturas Wildlife Sanctuary in Costa Rica after falling from its nest as a hatchling. Most birds in this situation would not have survived long but because of the all the hard work of the staff at the sanctuary this little beauty will grow up to make a full return to the wild! How cool it that?!

Oh and did we mention this chick has some serious personality to boot?

Get ready to witness a Baby Toucan go bananas for its fruit breakfast!

*Big thanks to the Alturas Wildlife Sanctuary for hosting the Brave Wilderness team and to all the volunteers and staff for all the hard work they do every single day to help rehabilitate and protect Costa Rica’s incredible wildlife. Please visit their website to make a donation or to find out how you can visit this very special place in person!

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20 Responses

  1. Jordan Smidebush says:


  2. Capper101 says:

    Toucan Sam

  3. TSS Legend says:

    you should go find a warrior ant

  4. SuЯRFace TM says:


  5. It's Lau says:

    I bet the reason they rescued it because the touCANT fly

  6. HappiestSadGuy says:


  7. Melonpie 33 says:

    This vid is soooo fitting; I’m eating dinner *3*

  8. Ryan D says:

    Give it a Guenness to fly around with on its beek

  9. theRealFrenchDon says:

    who knows the name of the watch he is wearing? ?

  10. Mr.BunkBunk says:

    the eating noise legit like something from banjo kazooie

  11. Soul says:

    I swear to god there was fruit loops in that bowl.

  12. ConnerSullivanTV says:

    This is sick! I see you baby toucan!

  13. Mira KanRa says:

    when it started screaming i wanted go punch it lol

  14. Rubenbanana says:

    kinda bugs me how the bird is throwing most of the fruit

  15. the last reckoning says:

    looks like John Oliver

  16. Kamen Hero! says:

    O aw. Aw tokey tokey!

  17. Madeline French says:

    Lol he sounds like snoopy?

  18. Matthew Harris says:

    Like all babies that toucan is a messy eater.

  19. Jamie M says:

    That’s actually a very clever name for the sanctuary

  20. Kaylee Copenhaver says:

    SO CUTE!!!?