Reservoir No. 2 – Shade Balls

Reservoir No. 2 – Shade Balls

These new shade balls will help to improve the quality of recycled water stored in the reservoir before delivery to our customers.

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20 Responses

  1. devans00 says:

    So soothing and calming.

  2. giosoftware says:

    All but change our unsustainable habits.

  3. Viva Frei says:

    I’m no scientist, but shouldn’t those balls be white (or light color) so
    they retain less heat from the sunlight? Being black/dark, I would imagine
    they will get hotter than would white, yellow or pink balls, generating
    more water evaporation… Am I wrong?

    • Scotty Catman says:

      +Viva Frei I read an article saying they don’t want chlorine in the water
      to react with sunlight to create bromate, a suspected carcinogen. That
      could be related to the color; possibly they would rather have the balls
      absorb light rather than reflect/refract it into the water.
      I read only a couple articles and that’s the best I can come up with.

    • Donny Estee says:

      +Viva Frei probably there’s a whole team of people smarter than you who
      thought about these balls. Pretty sure they’re black for a good reason.

    • driverstorer says:

      +Viva Frei my FIRST assumption.. however because they are black, and heat
      up, they will (should, maybe.. IDK) prevent mold, slime and other algies
      from forming on them.

  4. David Curry says:

    This looks like the Matrix cartoon where they had to black out the sky

  5. Andrea David Edelman says:

    1. plastic frays and puts little bits of itself in the water 2. these
    little bits perturb your endocrine system 3. you get obese/kidney failure
    or cancer

    America, land of stupid.

    You could have just dug a well but noooo let’s save 5 dollars and give BPA
    to everyone.

  6. Lemonz1989 says:

    Wouldn’t it be smarter to use white or light colored balls? They don’t
    become as hot as black ones, and would heat the water less causing less
    evaporation, I would think.

    • Uh Oh says:

      +Lemonz1989 No , the balls have to be black , so they can warm up and
      release the chemicals from the plastic …..

  7. mo0nbuggy says:

    How are they going to get them all out?

  8. itzlibo says:

    Free cancers

  9. Cactus Smoke says:

    if the point of the balls is to prevent evaporation and prevent
    stagnation… Shouldn’t the balls be white? you know so they don’t warm the
    water making it easier to evaporate as well as making it easier for
    pathogens and other things that love warm water to reproduce.

  10. The Martin & Luis Show says:

    Those balls are filled with cool-aid. They’re making our water into
    cool-aid people!

  11. INVISIGOTH says:

    “Shade Balls” … most interesting video I have seen today so far… :/

  12. Joshua Moose says:

    They got a lot of balls dumping all that into that reservoir.

  13. Krash D. says:

    They kinda remind me of those pokeballs from the first movie. lol

  14. victor m says:

    An ignorant way to get rid of tires without being caught.

  15. Jacob Soboroff says:

    Los Angeles loves #shadeballs!

  16. dynd says:

    I could watch this for hours