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19 Responses

  1. LOTA says:

    typical over-entitled, unskilled worthless idiot. no employer will never
    say this publicly, but hiring blacks is the biggest mistake, and you will
    only regret it.

  2. Lou Scunt says:

    He was a surprisingly good reporter, not the guy you’d expect to perform
    such a horrific act. The shooting happened 5 minutes from where I live, the
    bridge has been closed down all day, people can’t even get to the plaza.

  3. fi0rella says:

    Is it common for reporters in the USA to change their name? I know it’s
    common for entertainers, but I find it odd in reporters. Maybe it’s common
    over there.

  4. Andrea Scott says:

    From all journalists here in Yorkshire, England, rot in hell you evil no
    mark of a man. You are a disgrace not only to journalism, but humanity too.

  5. Let It GoPRO says:

    How ironic…

  6. Gloria Michell Cruz says:

    They should remove any and ALL of his works at the tv station. Wipe him
    CLEAN off the enternet as well. FUCK HIM!!! What a sicko!!!! I hope he rots
    in hell!!!!!! Bastard!!!!!

  7. niggot says:

    oh god this is like elliot rodgers all over again

  8. jimmy Russell says:

    for their actions they paid the ultimate bryce

  9. Slam Hog says:

    Nice shootin’ for a nigger.

  10. Bryce Williams says:

    I’m fine, folks. it was just a rage attack but now everything has been

  11. greezymuhfuh says:

    Random white person: “I don’t trust black people because they commit a
    majority of crime, including murder in the US”

    Bryce WIlliams: “Fuck you, you racist! Fuck, I feel like killing someone

  12. TheHistoryGeek1 says:

    upload more videos please

  13. Luke Hardeman says:

    1) This is a tragedy, and this man needed counseling which he did not seek
    or receive.
    2) This one man’s actions are no more representative of a group than Dylan
    Roof’s were.
    3) Discrimination and harassment are born out of prejudice, which every
    human has.

    For those who seem confused, #blacklivesmatter is about INCLUSION, and
    being seen as valued among other lives that are given more attention.
    Racebaiting aside, this act and its subsequent successful viral promotion
    is far more representative of a collective culture-wide dissonance, both
    psychologically and emotionally, amongst American citizens. These people
    did not deserve to die. He did not have the right or justification to do
    what he did. As a human being, however, I can recognize that his pain was
    real to him, and it turned into something sinister. None of us could have
    changed that.

    The largest lesson we should take from this has nothing to do with media,
    gun control, politics, race relations, etc. It should be acknowledging our
    own personal prejudices, acknowledging the life and value of the person
    standing next to you, and opening yourself to change into something better.
    If anyone disagrees with any of the above opinions, I invite you to comment
    as to why you feel that way.

  14. TheHarveyLynx says:

    Love your channel… do some gameplay , if you do that, i’ll subcribe…

  15. Ed Mackiewicz says:

    Too bad it wasn’t FOX!

  16. Liz Mikel says:

    ALL LIVES MATTER….People need to stop using this to keep racism alive and
    well. This man was SICK! STOP the insanity!!!!!

  17. Edward Davis says:

    Why no intelligent commentary here? Bunch of fucktards babbling on and on
    ad nauseam. You know who we have to blame for this one don’t you? The race
    pimps…Sharpton, Jackson, Farrakhan, Holder and Obama. Yes…it’s a
    vicious conspiracy perpetrated by the man to keep the brother down. If this
    toolbag had learned to keep his accusations of perceived racism to himself
    and controlled his temper he could have had the world by the gnads because
    of his….race! But he instead chose to fall in line with the race baiters
    and look where it lead him. If black lives really do matter then perhaps
    you should take the anti-whitey ravings of the aforementioned race pimps
    with a grain of salt and get on with improving both your life and the lives
    of those around you.

  18. 1omgz1 says:

    What a darsh

  19. Jonny Brutal says:

    Actually pretty good. Shows you how mental illnesses like borderline
    personality disorder (not saying thats what this is but he clearly had one
    of these types of mental states) can really hold people back from just
    being normal, successful people.

    FUCK this guy but clearly he had a lot of issues, but also a decent amount
    of talent. Sounds like its more behind the scenes stuff that tanked his