Reverse Trick-or-Treating with Door [2015] Trent Toney

Reverse Trick-or-Treating with Door [2015] Trent Toney

Last night my friend and I played a Halloween Trick on our neighbors. Going door to door we surprised them with candy and laughs.

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Special thanks to all my friends for helping me make this. Shout out to Emily Peters for doing the awesome makeup! Also my friend Shawn and brother Matthew as camera crew. Also, special thanks to Doctor Popular for giving me the idea by creating the comic strip!

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20 Responses

  1. max conran says:

    loved it, actually great video

  2. WillYouLeague says:

    Was he the original creator with the text post about the story on Reddit or
    did he get the idea from there? edit: nvm he got it from a comic strip
    which may have inspired that text post as well

  3. WillYouLeague says:


  4. Zack H. says:

    Was this filmed in VA? I’m 90% sure that was one of my teachers in middle
    school! 1:06

  5. jackie mehoff says:

    Make a hole for the mail and stick your dick through it. Glory mailhole

  6. Jason Maldonado says:

    downvote for monster mash D:<

  7. Erik Christensson says:

    thx for that vid. I hated yesterday but this made my day.

  8. dan iel says:

    +1 for doing it
    -1 for originality

  9. Meli Mel says:

    Awh how cute was that? Good job guys.

  10. Kyle Victorino says:

    Wouldn’t it have been easier if the door was on wheels?

  11. phlezk says:

    you didn’t use the mounted gopro footage at all

  12. TrollDoctor M.D says:

    The looks of pure confusion are priceless

  13. demoman90 says:

    “I’m a hotdog” lol

  14. keith le says:

    im dying…. LOL

  15. Jay Reichart says:

    Im a hotdog hahahaha

  16. pointlessfailure says:

    Hey, websites are going to steal this video and post it on their sites,
    just a heads up.

  17. HORSES' MUSIC-DOGS says:

    Mrs. Fingerbottom?

  18. WoWSuchGames says:


  19. Don Break says:

    What fucking goofs.

  20. Chris Chao says:

    Nice stuff, guys!