Review of the ION Bottleless Water Cooler

Review of the ION Bottleless Water Cooler

Music used: Native by Home
Whole album from this dude is $1.

ION Bottleless Water Cooler

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51 Responses

  1. Matthew MacLean says:

    This is hilarious.
    “ wow”

  2. vurtle says:

    thats hilarious. my office got one awhile ago, lasted about 2 weeks

  3. Peyton Sandoz says:

    Today on youtube, Owen Wilson reviews his new water cooler

  4. ChildOfTwoEmpires says:


  5. Marma says:

    Dude, sick music! Love Home!

  6. Aj H says:

    the people who sign off on getting this for their office are very stupid people who obviously only got their position by s’n a d.

    • Cody Feathers says:

      Suckin’ a dick.

    • Lasting Damage says:

      How about the countless number of mouth breathers who have ever purchased bottled water? They pay for something that is free and even pay a CRV sales tax and never reclaim it….they complain about tap water and don’t bother to buy a filter if it is “bad” water and yet never realize that half of all bottle water companies use tap water…which the consumer rejects for being “bad.”

    • SweetSodaChick says:

      I buy bottled water because it’s $3 for a 32pk at Kroger and the bottles are more portable and spill-proof than cups.

      No, I don’t care about the environment.

    • Mike Zilla says:

      Our well water isn’t healthy to drink, so we buy bottled water. You assume that everyone has access to clean, safe city treated tap water. The problem here is applying “smart” technology to something simple, turning it into a wasteful, over complicated and expensive problem.

    • Miiranga says:

      Judaism has truly ruined america.

  7. Dan Dead Or Alive says:

    I like your movies Mr. Wilson.

  8. amazingman63 says:

    HAHAHAHAHA jesus this thing is awful and hilarious

  9. TheAGCteam says:

    They’d rather pay this shit company than pay their employees more.


  10. RTGame says:

    Owen Wilson endorses this video. Wow!

  11. behinderteleberwurst says:


  12. James N says:

    when did we decide we were ok with a world like this? I’m mostly annoyed with those screens; dealing with lag 24/7 on phones and screens of all kinds seems to be just an accepted normal thing, but I’ve been annoyed with laggy iphones and everything else for a long time.

    • Marcus Olsen says:

      Just be happy that phones exist man

    • SpotlessGreg says:

      why dont you invent a new microship standard yourself if its that easy? Right now we use silicone chips, so you go ahead and invent something new if you dont like these.

    • exploder69 says:

      I’m in agreement with you, unlike the other replies here. I think what happens is that software keeps getting advanced far ahead of stability or quality, and well beyond what is straightforwards and sensible, almost always to make it “look better” or be more “user friendly”, which it isn’t. As a result, you get brilliant things like this:

      To answer my Google official Android phone, I have to swipe a little circle in one of three directions. It starts blinking, but there is no indication AT ALL that you would have to swipe it, or in which direction you might want to swipe it. If you merely tap on the button, there is exactly ZERO response. Only when you actually start dragging the circle, do 3 little icons become visible, indicating which direction you might want to drag the circle, that is assuming you can guess what these tiny icons mean, while you can’t see them because your hand is covering them, because you must already be swiping in order for them to become visible. And this all takes place within about 1 square inch of a screen that is about 10 square inches big, and while you are in a panic to answer the damned phone because you don’t want to miss an important call, and it already took you most of the rings to get it out of your zippered pocket and into your gorilla hands.

      If I could keep the fast new processor of my phone, but go back to the software version that simply divided the screen into 3 very large buttons, that contained big-printed common words that said what each button did, then I would be extremely delighted to do so. But no, that wasn’t “user friendly” enough. Or more honestly, it was far more user friendly, but the processor in that era was slow, and keeping the old simple screen wasn’t something the programming department could successfully sell to the idiot managers, shitty new version after shitty new version, in order to keep having jobs, because the original screen wasn’t flashy enough to impress those managers within 5 seconds of attention, when those managers have exactly zero training in software ergonomics and design. If you want to understand why there is a whole new craze of people reverting to good old reliable and sensible flip phones, this is the reason, as far as I can tell. You can’t easily sell the KISS principle to managers, and now even a bloody water-cooler needs constant re-boots.

    • The92Waffles says:

      James N my phones screen isn’t laggy… You must be doing something wrong. That being said this product is retarded, I agree

    • James N says:

      What you consider, “normal” is laggy. You know how in the real world when you push a button it’s instant, and on the iphone or in windows there is always some amount of lag between when you push the button and when something happens? The amount of lag varies, but I notice with a lot of things there is lag, like when opening the youtube app on an iphone for example…

      the dude in this video is showing what I’m talking about. When you press a menu, it doesn’t respond immediately, there is some delay.

  13. Ivain says:

    wow…. A good old mechanical spring water watercooler would be so much cheaper…. And thats including large canisters of spring water brought to your address…

  14. IAN 4000 says:

    This product is so incompetent that I’m convinced it’s some kind of money laundering front.

  15. ZacharyJTA says:

    why does it sound like youre stuck in the ion machine?

  16. Bob McCoy says:

    *This video must be a meme*

    _w o w_

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