Reviewing Gym Fashion

Reviewing Gym Fashion

We’re going over some of the most ridiculous fashion trends ever and maybe, just maybe, we’ll bring some of these styles back…  GMMore #1471

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74 Responses

  1. micomator says:

    This staff member is very chill and confident, I like them

  2. Jas Araya says:

    Ever since someone commented on the fact Rhett never uses the handle of his mug when he drinks, it’s all I can see.

  3. lion nachman says:

    So Superman was wearing gym clothes all along!
    Edit*: Jared is so funny and love his Spanish ? like a telenovela

  4. the invisible me says:

    His hair, his hair! He is cute

  5. Clint Mcintosh says:

    Invest in “mom’s pissed” meme’s now! They’re about to blow up!

  6. HereforRandL says:

    I *definitely* want to see them in the umbrella outfits

    • LittleRedHaired Girl says:

      It’s so seldom that I see the word “definitely” spelled correctly that I thought it was misspelled. ?
      Don’t the umbrella outfits look like Richard Simmons?

    • Никита Павлович says:

      Because of Resident Evil every time I hear “umbrella” I think about the company, not the actual umbrella

  7. Touksaur says:

    that Australian accent was spot-on

  8. Nameless says:

    i don’t call them toes. i refer to them as lower case fingers.

  9. shanice b says:

    As an Aussie, who’s always entertained by Americans attempting our accent, you did pretty good Jared. ????

    • Thedeathllyhalllows says:

      its easy if you’re English… i can do MEAN Australian

    • darthvein3 says:

      Why just Americans? Does no one else in the world attempt impressions?

    • MagicTurtle643 says:

      +darthvein3 It’s like Thedeathllyhalllows just said, it’s easy if you’re English. I’m not making a bold important statement here, it was just a comment based on my experience with Americans trying to do it versus British people or something. Relax.

    • shanice b says:

      darthvein3 haha of course I didn’t mean anything by it! I just know it’s a harder changeover from American to Australian and vice versa. It’s hard for us to do a general American accent as well, we either go too valley or too southern. ?

    • shanice b says:

      MagicTurtle643 same for us, I watch more American tv than anything & still have no clue how to even attempt the accent, wish I could!

  10. Katie Gillette says:

    Jared has a great, breezy laugh. It’s delightful.

  11. Taylor Herbertson says:

    wow Jared nailed that accent! – from a real aussie

  12. Jojosaysrawr says:

    Dang. Jared sounded like a Spanish announcer ?

    • the invisible me says:

      I know! His Spanish is on point!

    • Kevin Fager says:

      When you aren’t actually fluent you have to deepen your voice and sound like an announcer or news reporter. I think it’s bc when you are learning it’s important to understand proper pronunciation and annunciate and these professions do that.

  13. Drop Bear says:

    He’s gorgeous. Good grief.

  14. Vaibhav Gupta says:

    *Obligatory Indian comment about Indian thing*

    Lung-go-tea is the pronunciation you’re looking for.

  15. Austin Elliott says:

    Anybody else think Jared looks like a young Joseph-gordon Levitt from 3rd rock from the sun

  16. Shalvya Inge Indira says:

    Everyone loves Jared!!

  17. olivia j says:

    Jared seems like such a joy! A very enjoyable episode ☺️

  18. buttery1toast says:

    Am I the only one who clicks to more before the wheel stop?

  19. Adrian-Cristian Nicolaescu says:

    That announcer tone from Jared, especially in Spanish…sounds sooo appropriate and funny! :)))

  20. Ollie Berg says:

    please bring Jared back- he is just so calming, funny and personable (and easy on the eyes)

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