Richard Sherman, Doug Baldwin mock NFL media policies

It was not the ordinary Richard Sherman press conference.

Today at the Seahawks practice facility in Renton, Sherman used his weekly availability to mock the NFL’s players-media policy. Joining him in this protest was Doug Baldwin and a life-sized cut out of Doug Baldwin.

Sherman and Baldwin performed a skit mocking players being fined for not talking to the media — Marshawn Lynch and his $100,000- fine — while the NFL wanting them to be its pitchmen for different products.

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19 Responses

  1. Canada RedSox says:

    Real Worm Sherm!!! Exposing Goodell for the piece of shit that he is.

  2. Rich Harrow says:

    Hilarious!!!… I applaud Sherman and Baldwin… They nailed it.. 

  3. tyvek05 says:

    I cant believe they are complaining about playing 2 games in 5 days. come
    on guys, you should be able to play every day. 

  4. Eric Fossum says:

    Not a Sherman fan but this is great. Calls out the hypocrisy of the NFL.

  5. brian M says:

    Sherman is such a character. Love this dude hahaha

  6. ExposureExpo says:

    I luv this. Sherman and Lebron are the only two star black athletes that
    speak up.

  7. Timothy Walsh says:

    Just further evidence that he is an asshole. Intelligence doesn’t make you
    a good person. 

  8. Andrae Battles says:

    Say what you want about this “Press Conference” Sherman made a few valid
    points here. The NFL has long held a double standard that is both
    ridiculous and irritating. Yes, These athletes can be “over-payed babies”
    but just as we civilians face unfair work conditions on our jobs they do as
    well. When you truly take a closer look at the NATIONAL FOOTBALL LEAGUE you
    quickly realize that individuality, (No beats by Dre headphones allowed
    etc) No fun (Screening of touchdown celebrations etc) and the mandatory
    media face time are all things that our day to day jobs would DARE NOT
    IMPLEMENT. I mean is this football or World War 3? Get a grip

  9. 1zombie4v says:

    Roger godells mangina is flaring up at this

  10. jyoung247 says:

    Awesome job fellas! I agree with you 100% on this.

  11. MrNatelandreth says:

    Gahhh it must be tough to only be making 12 million a year and have to
    follow a few rules…

  12. soulcrusher807 says:

    Are you fucking kidding me? Princess here is complaining about 2 games in
    5 days? An NFL games breaks down to about 11 minutes of playing time.

  13. Pinche wey says:

    The nfl is fucking up.. 

  14. Rex Morgan says:

    2 games in 5 days – and then the Cowboys got 3 games in 11 days. This
    interview is brilliant.

  15. sharbee23000 says:

    Real talk….

  16. TheMrBluMonster says:

    Tbh I’m a guy who just loves the game. If I were forced to talk to the
    media I wouldn’t because I don’t feel like they need anything from me. They
    saw the game that’s it. Itss done. Also I dont like to talk to an entire
    nation ill talk to maybe a few hundred bit when I know there’s 100,000s of
    people nah I’m good

  17. Reggie Lal says:

    Perhaps read your Contracts in full before you voluntarily sign them and
    agree to abide by them. As Stanford folks, I’m sure you and (your team of
    agents/Attorneys) are more than capable of that.

    Ps- there are 50k others waiting to take your place that would be more than
    happy to play under those conditions for much less $$.

  18. Dwyane Rose says:

    Damn, this guy is such a nigger thug.

    US white people should be very afraid of this thug, look how he speaks.

    He’s so aggressive and scary. ..and he’s FUCKIN BLACK. …HOLY COW.

    we’re in trouble guys.

  19. Zach P says:

    Hahaha, i would say they’d get fined but this is not in their contract and
    if they tried to fine them they might be able to sue the NFL for black
    mail. Anyways, that was really funny, especially coming from a guy like