Rick and Morty – EXCLUSIVE! SEASON 3 Opening Scene

Rick and Morty – EXCLUSIVE! SEASON 3 Opening Scene

It’s finally here!
Coming to you straight from the vaults of Adult Swim
Kick off your shoes and sit back for a peek at Season 3

Rejoin all your favourite characters for new adventures
Old faces return for hilarious cameos
Laugh, cry, emote through your sixth sensory organ!
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20 Responses

  1. ainsley toledo says:

    we just got RICK rolled

  2. The Bellcaptain says:

    You sons of bitches

  3. LeandretheBrave says:

    These niggas Rick Roll’d us

  4. Scott I says:

    Only Rick & Morty can still make that funny

  5. Caio Oliveira says:

    Oh fuck you guys!

  6. Amr Alim says:

    I had no expectations when I clicked on the video, yet I was still let down.

  7. Worldwatcher me says:

    Adult Swim, you don’t do stuff like this to your viewers. You gave us sneaks of Samurai Jack. Why not Rick and Morty? Even Rick would draw the line on this and he destroyed two universes for a car battery.

  8. Shrub says:

    It’s like Half Life. The 3rd one is never actually coming out

  9. Master Slime says:

    Did Rick Sanchez… Just Rickroll me

  10. Uhoh says:

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  11. King Mohaz says:

    Guys plz subscribe to my YouTube channel I’m trying to hit 1000 subscribers so plz subscribe and show luv and support bye

  12. Will Cubes says:

    Casual rickroll in 2017I’m now tying a noose to my fanWait, I don’t have fans…

  13. iam16bits says:

    2007 called, it wants it’s meme back.

  14. Saber91 says:

    RICK rolled. get it?

  15. ButterScotch Wellington says:

    I love how there are actual people who believe this is real.

  16. Zeke Elmore says:

    We have been rick rolled

  17. samy said says:

    Netflix, please buy Rick and Morty.

  18. Colin Man says:

    adult swim Australia is a fucking legend

  19. Yes Man says:

    You sick sadistic fucks.

  20. Vinylguy64 says:

    I’m going to fucking kill myself

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