RICK AND MORTY – How to Troll Big Studios | Did You Know Movies

RICK AND MORTY – How to Troll Big Studios | Did You Know Movies

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RICK AND MORTY has quickly become one of the most popular Adult Swim series to date, but its history is far less forthright than the show we’ve all come to love. In this episode, Lee reveals the various cartoons, series, jokes, and characters that grew into Rick and Morty over the course of several years!

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This episode was voiced by Furst:

This episode was edited by Khalid Shahin:

This episode was written by James Alacrosse

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  3. KrebsTools says:

    never clicked a video so fast

  4. xwers1234 says:

    Wubba Lubba dub dub

  5. Marcos Amparo says:

    I’ve never seen Rick and Morty before. Am I missing out? I’m 45 years old.

  6. Dio Grando says:

    I-I-I-I-I-I-I-I-burp-I-I-I-I-I-I-I don’t know about this morty

  7. Jack Marlow says:

    I’m a simple man. I see R&M, I hit like.

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    I’m early let me think of a joke

    I can’t

  10. Jsoforce Games says:

    PS4: hey I think a broke my leg
    Xbox: I’ll call an ambulance

  11. Dat Dog says:

    If you vacuum clean a vacuum cleaner with a vacuum cleaner, does that make you a vacuum cleaner vacuum cleaner cleaner?

  12. Brain Tester says:

    DAM! Rick and Morty! this show is amaaaazing! who feels the same way?

  13. ImaCatGetRekt says:

    ooOo boy Rick, this-s is going to be a greaaat episode Rick!

  14. Fleece Johnson says:

    Human video’s.. i like it

  15. Rylan says:

    I never clicked so fast on a film theory

  16. Ethan Dayo says:

    That fucking jelly bean was creepy as fuck.

  17. PK StarStorm says:

    That strip club thing is the most Rick and Morty thing to do since releasing an entire episode on April Fools day and just have it loop over and over

  18. Panther says:

    *Never seen Rick and Morty. Is it worth a watch?*

  19. Siddhant Maithani says:

    ….funny thing is I legit just started watching Rick and Morty for the first time today! XD

  20. Lord Lenny - The Dank Meme Master says:

    Guys, you have to check this out 😮 goo.gl/awrmaj
    The Film Theorists shared this today as well. There is this epic give away that’s going really viral right now.
    Everyone can grab one from there! <3 I got myself some nice goodies thanks to them

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