Ridiculous BMX Bike Fails (GAME)

Ridiculous BMX Bike Fails (GAME)

How did these BMX bikers ridiculously fail or flourish? Emily’s here to help us find out.  GMMore #1404

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48 Responses

  1. Mr.whatzit toya says:

    Link is so awesome… his singing gets in my head at work lol

  2. Adriano Vlad says:

    Now my brain saw the whole rest of the video like she was infront of a green screen with em

  3. Jill Love says:

    I’m loving Emily being on the show. She is fun

  4. Science with Katie says:

    Wearing all black does signify ability in all matters, even without beanies.

  5. mousehill says:

    Link – We won’t cheat. At least I won’t cheat.

  6. Ferani Yudhianti says:

    man, Emily is so much fun! I love her!

  7. ノヽreya says:

    I love Emily so much💕 She’s so expressive, bright(just like her shirt😂), and her laugh is contagious!
    I hope Emily will appear more in the future!

  8. Danni C says:

    I adore Emily! Shes so fun! I wish she had a channel. Hopefully we can see more of her on the show!

  9. Limitless says:

    Any get the golf joke? She said she’s learning from the masters… Link says do you watch golf. The masters is a golf tournament

  10. MetalBrent124 says:

    9:49 “These dudes are now bros.” HA! Nobody on set thought that was funny?

  11. shabraya davis says:

    “A bike is kind of a human thing” 😂 I love link!

  12. Thought.Matrix says:

    “These dudes are now bros.”
    -emily 2018

  13. Chimmy89 says:

    I don’t know why, but every time you guys do something that requires watching a video, or looking at another screen, I always think the screen you guys are looking at is extremely small. Or even an old school box tv. But I know it’s not, because that wouldn’t make any sense.

  14. Katharina xyl says:

    Shepard is great, he’s so random

  15. Lincoln P says:

    Does anyone else want to see Dimitri Martin on GMM now???

  16. Kenneth Smotherman says:

    We all know that redheads are attractive who agrees with me.

    • PyroNinja713 says:

      Too bad they all go to hell for the whole no soul thing. Lol

    • lesternomo says:

      I think redheads are attractive but she’s not a natural redhead as far as I can tell

    • Ice Ice says:

      They’re eighter hot or really ugly. No in between

    • Sy Rox says:

      +ipissed Racist? Do you even know what redhead means? it doesn’t mean the skin color of the head is red. Besides even if it did, that kinda wouldn’t be racist anyway. For example lets make a word, “Bluehead”. That’ll work. They never said Blueheads weren’t as attractive, so therefore it wouldn’t be racist anyway.

    • deprofundis says:

      Um…she’s not a redhead. It’s dyed. She’s attractive, so it’s actually the opposite of a compliment to say that because you’re not commenting on her actual (natural) features.

  17. Jessica Ross says:

    This episode illustrates why I keep two wheels on the ground. If you fall embarrassingly you find yourself on a youtube game with two eccentric men and a lady dressed bright like a sun!!

    Cinnamon cookie…😎

    • MyOpinionIsAFACT says:

      but doing stunts like these can be fun. and i just got a flashback of one of my childhood memories. i was once on a skatepark and there was this huge ramp and it was fun haha

    • Jessica Ross says:

      +MyOpinionIsAFACT just as long as no one has a camera, I will give it a go. 😁

  18. jekanyika says:

    I appreciated Links Masters joke.

  19. Kaitlyn J. says:

    “I was on a flight once with Anthony Kedis.”
    “You were?”

  20. Teagan Carnes says:

    “I think it would be a mistake, but, yes.” Brilliant. Hilarious and honest. I think this all the time when my kids ask if they can do something stupid.

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