Ridiculous Lifetime Movies (GAME)

Ridiculous Lifetime Movies (GAME)

We’re celebrating International Women’s Day with a Lifetime Movie game! Can Link figure out which movies are real and which ones are all lies?!  GMM #1499

Click through to see today’s loser take their punishment like a man! http://bit.ly/GMM_Lifetime_Audition

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79 Responses

  1. seidimeow says:

    G͎o͎o͎d͎ ͎M͎y͎t͎h͎i͎c͎a͎l͎ ͎M͎o͎r͎n͎i͎n͎g͎

  2. VVLV Music says:

    Wonder if they’ll have the one with Will Ferrell! A Deadly Adoption ^^

    • DJ Kento says:

      You’ll like Good Mythical More. HAHA.

    • VVLV Music says:

      +DJ Kento Damn, gotta check it out right away, thanks for the heads up. U by any chance the same DJ Kento that’s in the Kinda Funny community? Maybe I am getting the name wrong, tho 🙂

  3. Triz says:

    Where’s RHETTINA AND LINKITA? it’s international women’s day

  4. Sabine Moss says:

    Link’s cardigan looks super cozy and snuggly.

  5. Audrey Matte says:

    Wait till they see Hallmark movies

  6. Science with Katie says:

    Wait, but how ridiculous was Abducted in Plain Sight! ?

    • CringeFest says:

      That was messed up, the whole family was

    • C J says:

      Weirdest ever,!!!

    • Missmorganic says:

      It was too much i honestly think maybe she was so much in love with him since he started giving her less attention because she was getting older to get back at him she made up all the stories to make him look like the bad guy hahah crazy i know but who knows!!!!!

    • Jojo Wolf says:

      VERY ridiculous…

      First abduction I felt sympathy for the parents.
      Second abduction I was getting so angry at these two “adults” who KNEW what he was doing and still let him in!

    • Miranda says:

      Worst parents ever.

  7. OneInchDeep says:

    “A Face To Kill For”s plot is totally the same-ish plot of “The Count of Monte Cristo”

  8. Shelby Platt says:

    oh man would i love them to do a vid about hallmark christmas movies!!

  9. MissMakira says:

    Five knuckle shuffle.


  10. Deanna Jackson says:

    Lifetime movies have always been ridiculous and cringy to me. This is going to be good.

    • TheSparkyWriter says:

      Deanna Jackson seriously. It’s like they’re written by butter people who turn the scripts into cathartic mental revenge.

    • You Hit My Car Abc says:

      Once our health teacher made us watch this one where this girl liked this boy, so they went on a double date with her friend. They go to bone and they swap partners and she’s like nah I don’t wanna. So she leaves and her friend is like aight dope. Weird.

    • beans ʕ-᷅ᴥ-᷄ʔ says:


  11. Nick Avalos says:

    Hype for 1500 episodes on Monday!!

  12. Black Sheep says:

    *@**5:54* That’s a new game right there Link.


    • MaryKaye Peachey says:

      Thaz Me as I learn life lessons tho.
      Lol, Followed by
      “. . .imma have to do some googlin.”

  13. nina musically says:

    1500 episodes next Monday!! Soo excited for whatever they‘ll do

  14. Wtfplsstfu says:

    How my moms brain hasn’t turned to mush yet from watching all these movies is the true lifetime mystery

  15. J-Dog230 says:

    To all the ones who woke up early and first thing you do is go to YouTube, Good Morning!!

  16. agate b. says:

    Find yourself a man who looks at you so lovingly as Rhett does at 11:24

    • John McDonnell says:

      It looks like love, but really he’s just relishing how wrong Link is. Very similar emotions.

  17. RobinFlysHigh says:

    I got all 6 right, and I never watch Lifetime. This is why I don’t watch Lifetime

    • Ashley Weiss says:

      Same lol. Though it’s mostly because they like to add so many details to the ones they make up.

  18. seidimeow says:

    Why such a stretch it could’ve just been

    Life time or

    (っ◔◡◔)っ Lie time

  19. A Bookish Obsession says:

    Link: I’m gonna spank you for lying
    Rhett: Please don’t spank me
    Me: *rolling on floor laughing*

  20. Good Mythical Morning says:

    Click through to see today’s loser take their punishment like a man! http://bit.ly/GMM_Lifetime_Audition

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