Rihanna – American Oxygen

Rihanna – American Oxygen

“American Oxygen” from Rihanna’s upcoming eighth studio album.

Get “American Oxygen” now:
TIDAL: http://smarturl.it/RihAO?IQid=yt
iTunes: http://smarturl.it/iAO?IQid=yt
Google Play: http://smarturl.it/AOgp?IQid=yt
Amazon: http://geni.us/AORihanna

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Music video by Rihanna performing American Oxygen. (C) 2015 Westbury Road Entertainment. Distributed by Roc Nation Records

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20 Responses

  1. Felipe Albuquerque says:

    Mesmo com este video meio que triste ou mensageiro vc n se garante estou
    muito feliz de ver seus trabalhos este video tá o pipoco !!!!!!

  2. beteque btq says:

    She’s hot as usual – that’s why she can sell this crappy song. Big
    pictures, big references, no concept. The American dream is over.

  3. Bradley Swindell says:

    Man people will hate on Rihanna with whatever she does, whether it’s good
    or bad…

  4. LordHyena says:

    I roll my eyes at a lot of this video. America-bashers are generally a
    clueless lot. But at least she seems to opt for hopefulness, which is a
    rare and admirable decision.

  5. Jimboo0825 says:

    P.O.P Hold it Down!

  6. Masaladas says:

    This music video is beautiful. It shows us that this great nation has
    struggled but has persevered nonetheless. Its a reminder that we still have
    problems today, but will find a way to push through them

  7. PopeEdward says:

    This country was built by our grandparents and great grand parents. Riri
    an.immigrant herself is singing about hard work, earning a living and
    turning it into whatever you want. American oxygen. I think she is telling
    the kids they have choices to make. There is a good message here. Anyone
    can make it here if they work hard. We as a people overcome all odds. The
    choice is up to each person.

  8. Le Gamer says:

    The illuminati is strong with this one…

  9. John Kiss says:

    ppl are gunna talk more about her nipples than the content in this video
    -_- society

  10. Isaac Colon says:

    Flop just like tidal 

  11. Tuan X says:

    Loving the nipples!

  12. Oswaldo Mújica says:

    She is an ICON

  13. Ricko X says:

    More like : Breathing Weed Oxygen

  14. Kole Jorgensen says:

    I’m conflicted by this video. It is both good but then again mostly bad.
    Why did you open the racism wound? Why did you appease ILLEGAL immigrants?
    Why did you make hardly any distinction between the last civil rights
    movement and the supposedly new one? Why did you pander to global warming,
    negative war outlook, and prison issues? Is that all you want to focus on
    the is the bad? The bad of this country based on its racism issues, recent
    immigration issues, and misunderstanding between communities and police? We
    want to blame each other and you have allowed that to come to the forefront
    again. Instead, why didn’t you point more to the corruption of government,
    including our CURRENT government especially!? But whatever, play us off
    against each other. I have no problem with immigrants that come here
    legally, I have nothing against blacks, Latinos, Asians, middle easterners
    or anyone else unless they are forced or have intentions to ruin our lovely
    nation in any way! Then if that is the case, get the hell out of this
    amazing country! We were better off without you anyways TRUST ME!

  15. jake jacoby says:

    Don’t get me wrong, but America’s ways are definitely some of the reason
    she’s where she’s at.

    Still an AMAZING song.
    Just like most of her others!

  16. Bobby O says:

    I’m American, born and raised and proud of it. fuck the haters

  17. Anthony Benjamin says:

    Ummmm she isn’t American 

  18. Nikita Corbin says:

    Love the images!

  19. Aleksandra Śmiejczak says:


  20. Rico cheEz says:

    Rihanna nipples on FLEEK #jussaying. IG@THA.AWFUL.TRUTH. IG