RIP Martyn Hett

RIP Martyn Hett

Wendy pays tribute to super fan Martyn Hett, who died in the Manchester bombing.

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20 Responses

  1. Rida Habib Allah says:

    Omg she read the comment section!! Lovely thing you did there Wendy!! 😁

  2. EvelynLove Fosu-Duah says:

    Wendy tore me apart with this emotional segment.

  3. Cointe St. Brice says:

    This is such a beautiful tribute! Thanks Aunt Wendy for doing this!

  4. Molly Brierley says:

    Cannot believe some people are still like “first” on a video like this. No one cares if you were first literally not one person stop being heartless

  5. Sheabe says:

    Man, this Manchester bombing situation is so depressing. So many dreams & lives were crushed that night.
    R.I.P. Angels. You will always be in the hearts of those closest to you. 💜💜

  6. Sori Yazz says:

    Wendy dam made me cry!! Peace be unto you Martin & his family

  7. seygra20 says:

    Yet people say Wendy has not heart. This was awesome, Wendy and your team for putting this together.

  8. Chanel Ambrose says:

    Awww omg, so sad 😭

  9. Tedra Daigre says:

    I remember his friend left a comment about him and his plans to come to the show. I’m glad his post was noticed 😪

  10. Beyonechee says:

    I’m surprised Wendy got this info. I saw someone post about trying to get Martyn a shoutout. I followed his tweets and saw how he’d planned a two-month trip across the US and how excited he was about securing Wendy tickets. Poor thing.

  11. delia1122 says:

    From 1:20 to 1:50, Wendy’s tea bag moved. Perhaps that’s Martyn showing signs of appreciation towards Wendy for mentioning him. We love each other, here at Wendy’s.

  12. Shuib Taib says:

    What a tribute. Way to go Wendy! Love from Malaysia

  13. Irma Somda says:

    Who noticed the tea at 1:39? Martin is that you?

  14. Naijella 86 says:

    Martyn was my real life friend, he’d be over the moon at you mentioning him, Wendy

  15. Alex Saide says:

    This was amazing. Thank you Wendy! Love from Manchester

  16. Nolo Mohale says:

    This is so heartbreaking!! May he rest in peace.

  17. Sian Hanks says:

    thankyou wendy lots of love from england ❤

  18. Morrigan says:

    You have no idea how much I miss my girl Eileen.

  19. FluffySeal 10 says:

    one of the most beautiful things i have ever seen

  20. Kristen Kindoll says:

    Such a loving tribute, so classy, very proud of the whole Wendy crew for making such an honor.

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