Rita Ora – Girls ft. Cardi B, Bebe Rexha & Charli XCX (Official Lyric Video)

Rita Ora – Girls ft. Cardi B, Bebe Rexha & Charli XCX (Official Lyric Video)

Rita Ora ‘Girls’ ft. Cardi B, Bebe Rexha & Charli XCX is out now: http://atlanti.cr/girls

Video by Everyone’s Favourite: http://everyonesfavourite.net

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82 Responses

  1. Abi Root says:

    ….Offensive. As a bi person, this will never be my anthem.

    • Lila Charlotte says:

      kinda kaleb I think they were joking lmao

    • kinda kaleb says:

      A.G xox When did I say that non straight people needed an anthem? You should probably go back and read that because I can tell you struggled.

    • Jay Stallion says:

      kinda kaleb oh boy shut the fuck uppp. As a lil gay boy. Yeah that shit happened ages ago. Don’t get me wrong it still does barely. It’s was a joke! Chill your lil triggers ass down

    • kinda kaleb says:

      Jay Stallion When did I say that i’m gay? I definitely don’t recall saying that.

    • M Otero says:

      yeah bi women singing about smoking weed and making out w women is offensive lol… can we all move on from the “support x artists bc they make sweet and tender songs about lesbianism <3” stuff as if that’s all there is to being a queer woman

  2. Silvi Hindershaj says:

    Kush in Albanian means who
    Proud of Albania 😉🇦🇱

  3. David Bobowski says:

    I love Rita and Bebe, but this song sounds so similar to so many songs.

  4. Zayn&OneDirection says:

    Damn this collab is lit❤ I was shocked when I saw the title

  5. Cheyanne Morgan says:

    This sounds like they were sitting in a room and decided to try and make something gay but throwing a Hayley Kiyoko CD at the wall and then repeating the words

  6. Zac Rios says:

    Hayley Kiyoko is RIGHT !!

  7. PinkMetalHead says:

    Wow..this is mediocre. Who wrote this song? And this collab was just awkward. Nothing like that iconic “Bang Bang” collab.

  8. Emma Reinhardt says:

    Good lord, these lyrics are awful. Go watch some Hayley Kioko or Janelle Monáe to cleanse your soul of this.

  9. Carlos hu says:

    Bebe Rexha on the background ❤️ killed it !! She is awesome.

  10. Victoria Garcia says:

    Is this supposed to be… lgbt positive? Cause… its missing the mark.. sounds more like Katy Perry and her rediculous song.

    • Julia S says:

      oh because it is inspired by this song 🙂 rita ora said so. they could do Way better imo

    • Pasha B says:

      Victoria Garcia I know, I’ve had my heart broken by many a bi ‘curious’ girl, so this song is just annoying to me

    • Cassie G says:

      Well i think its nice that we have a song thats fun most of the songs for lgbt+ girls are sad and emotional and thats fantastic we need that but its nice that we have a simple party song and the girl talking about bi girls need to fuck off

    • StarMintaka says:

      I started searching for criticism of this song as soon as I heard the lyrics. Then I read that I Kissed a Girl is an inspiration for it and was like “Yeah, totally makes sense”. Shame that 10 years later we still get shit like that

  11. meggie says:

    Sucks that a song about lesbians was mainly written by men

    • golden rectum of the godss says:

      I can see why you’d say that, as I am bisexual and mainly date men. But it’s not because I’m not attracted to women or that I’m lying about my sexuality; I just personally PREFER to date men. I don’t have a specific type of men, but I have a very specific type of women. Don’t get me wrong, women are hot as fuck- they can just be a little crazy in relationships and sometimes guys are easier to handle. There are definitely bisexual women who have different reasons and I can’t speak for all of them, but this is just my theory.. It all comes down to personal preference, I think.

    • The Best Ninja says:

      It’s not about being lesbian it’s about being bi

    • meggie says:

      The Best Ninja okay cool and all the 50% girl w/ girl is unrealistic. Your point?

    • Raquel says:

      Sophia Arias haha if they’d done that they wouldn’t have gotten money for it so. They wouldn’t have turned it down. Imo this song is not LGBT positive at all.

    • meggie says:

      Jolanye Fuentes lmao preach it Baby 😂

  12. Lily Buttery says:

    This is kinda saying that you have to be drunk to be lesbian

    • Chris Montano says:

      Lily Buttery no it isn’t, it’s saying they THEMSELVES experiment when they are drunk. They are not saying everyone has to be drunk to be lesbian

    • leslie knope says:

      Not really. It can also be in a romantic setting like plenty of people drink red wine on dates. Calm down, sis..

  13. Khyia Williams says:

    going on my summer playlist 💯💯🔥

  14. Khyia Williams says:


  15. Lieke Mwah says:

    Best combination ever!! I mean
    Rita is THE BEST
    Bebe is QEEUN
    Charli is AMAZING
    Cardi Just slays everything😍

  16. Mundo Pop Legendas says:

    Cade Os Br ? 🇧🇷 Assista a tradução em portugues dessa musica clique aqui https://youtu.be/41mCrFKeFAE

  17. Our Life BTH says:

    I like her because of her wonderful sweet voice

  18. Autumn Goldwater says:

    tbh now of days girls like girls and guys like guys and it’s a little bit of both. stop hating on this song.

    • B A P T I S M says:

      as a lesbian fellow i don’t give a fuck, because there’s always a girl who’s “haunting” u in clubs and stuff

    • Amiri says:

      Why are people liking this comment?? All she did was say that there are gays/lesbians in the world which is common knowledge 😂😂. Plus no one has been hating on this song, idk why she throw that in there.

    • amanda says:

      Amiri because they’re from Tumblr

    • Mark-Pat Joe-Bill Dinosaur says:

      lol this song is gay and everyone knows gay is b a d f o r y o u

    • shomarus says:

      “in clubs and stuff”, okay, jan, except that’s not what i mean. i mean in every day life, day to day living. ive been harassed by men because i’ve sat next to their girlfriends because they were afraid i was trying to make a move on them when i’ve been friends with their gfs longer than they’ve been dating. that’s the kind of predatory stereotype we need to stop perpetuating.

  19. Ashley Ashley says:

    1. The song is horrible in itself.
    2. Lyrics are so problematic. Perpetuates about bisexual women.
    3. Sounds like you’re just a bored straight woman wanting to please men. Super dumb.

  20. Mangala Mlala says:

    I’m in love with this song💖

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