Road to the Games 16.09: Sigmundsdottir / Davidsdottir / Thorisdottir

Road to the Games 16.09: Sigmundsdottir / Davidsdottir / Thorisdottir

The 2015 Reebok CrossFit Games had everyone on the edges of their seats as the top women from Iceland battled for a spot on the podium.

Annie Thorisdottir, a former Games champion, withdrew from the competition, and rookie Sara Sigmundsdottir held on to first place most of the weekend only to be surpassed in the final events by Fittest Woman on Earth Katrin Davidsdottir.

Thorisdottir and Sigmundsdottir are seeking redemption and were in a heated head-to-head slugfest at the Meridian Regional in May. Will one of them triumph in Carson, or will Davidsdottir reassert her dominance? Could the 2016 Games be the first time three Icelandic athletes stand atop the podium?

The 2016 Reebok CrossFit Games take place July 19-24, at the StubHub Center in Carson, California.

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20 Responses

  1. Unihorse_gaming says:

    on 1:19 you can almost see my house

  2. Kat Davidson says:

    you girls are so inspirational. I’m four months into my fitness journey and
    you make me want to try crossfit! haha!

  3. Bradley Washburn says:

    All three are stunning imo and they’re such characters

  4. Nuclear Nic says:

    <3 Iceland

  5. moran yona says:

    i love them so much, they are so inspiring, they make u wanna go to the box
    and train harder❤❤

  6. Dwayne Hicks says:

    10:10 free handstand push ups, pretty impressive 😉 Wouldn’t be surprised
    if we saw them at the games this year

  7. Mephisto Steiner says:

    I have a theorie! I believe, apart from their stunning looks, it’s the
    unbelievable dedication and light heartedness that makes the dottirs so
    unbelievably attractieve !!!
    My dream: 3. Katrin 2. Annie 1. Sara (anyone of them can make it though!)

  8. George Pugh says:

    I hope for a complete Icelandic podium

  9. DaveDEF82 says:

    1:58 Polly totally pooped on the cupboard.

  10. Nicotinamida Adenina Dinucleótido says:

    Davíðsdóttir is a goddess. All of them ?? ShieldMaidens

  11. Rebecca Di Paola says:

    My gosh, I love these girls a ridiculous amount

  12. John Johnson says:

    too many white people in crossfit

  13. Nikita Serolf says:

    Dios mio..que mujer perfectA es Sara

  14. Piratepress says:

    Anyone else want to try a jam burger now?

  15. allenreyQ says:

    we need post-game footage of Sara at a Yogurtland

  16. Chacha_Love says:

    The Kara video along with Tia, and now this one….. WAY too short. While
    Brooke’s and others are almost an hour long ??

  17. americanmambi says:


  18. Robert Harwood says:

    Thanks for that, time to train….

  19. Natalean says:

    Sara will made it this year!

  20. Hugo Martin says:

    mmm muscular women