Rob Parker reacts to report that Kawhi will choose between Raptors & Lakers | NBA | UNDISPUTED

Rob Parker reacts to report that Kawhi will choose between Raptors & Lakers | NBA | UNDISPUTED

Rob Parker joins Skip Bayless and Shannon Sharpe to discuss Kawhi Leonard. Hear him make the case for why the Los Angeles Clippers are the better fit for Kawhi than the reported favorites, Toronto Raptors and Los Angeles Lakers.

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Rob Parker reacts to report that Kawhi will choose between Raptors & Lakers | NBA | UNDISPUTED

Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED

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83 Responses

  1. Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED says:

    Raptors, Lakers or Clippers – Which team should Kawhi Leonard join next?

  2. VILLE says:

    If Kawhi goes back nobody is gonna be mad ? ?. He just won a championship there.

    • Joseph Araujo says:

      @Mason Albert News flash… Danny Green is pretty happy in Toronto… And I would say Kawhi was also pretty happy there. Great organization, great leadership, great medical staff, great facilities and one of the best, if not best fan bases!

    • BRIAN BLAIR says:

      There r people dont want the Best player n the Game at the Moment .To join AD top 4 Player n the NBA Best Big Man ,And LeBron Still Top 5 Best Player n the NBA .With those 2 it hides Lebrons Bad Defense ,He can Play Saftey While 2 Best Defenders n Basket Ball D Up .And Lebron Basically Would Play Point Guard Get 7 to 9 Assist ,7 to 8 Rebounds ,LeBron May go Down on Points to 24 or 25 a Game To Fit this Offense .So AD Avg 26 A Game ,Kwia Avg 27 A Game and That’s a Insane Team .Leonard should stay n Toronto and Try winning a Couple More .He can Sign a 2 Year Deal and Then Sign the Biggest Contract ever Cause 10 Years N the NBA and Try to Win a Ring n the Next 2 Years and Then Sign a 5 Year Deal He would b 34 at the end of it .He Would He Get Close to 300 Million $ For those 7 Years or More than 300 Million $ ,Around 240 Million $ For 5 Years and Over 60 Million $ for the 2 Years From Toronto .

    • Mason Albert says:

      Joseph Araujo Toronto will have plenty of money to hold Danny Green down after Kawhi gone to Lakers, but Danny missing San Antonio, San Antonio missing Danny. Spurs and Nuggets are Lakers biggest opponents once Kawhi is a Laker, and Lakers can’t afford Danny. Danny: IT’S MF COLD IN DENVER IN WINTER TOO, COME BACK TO SAN ANTONIO WE MISS YA BRUH.

    • brrolius 98 says:

      raptors players to old wins another champ.

    • Leonardo Diniz says:

      @Nate The Lakers have LeBron and AD and who else? It’s a team sport, dude, and the West is gonna be really wild. If Kawhi doesn’t go to the Lakers they took a major L, already missed D’Angelo Russel, Patrick Beverley and Seth Curry. It’s Kawhi or bust, at least they’ll make the playoffs this time…

  3. T biscuit says:

    “that online Columbia degree” LMAOOO

  4. LeeTravius Mckay says:

    Can we get some real news none of these reporters really know anything about kawhi or what’s going on

    • Asmosis Jones says:

      woj will know first…..he is the one at espn after all..he has all the conenctions power and thats where they want us to know first…heck he beat kd to it lol …he dont give a damn…people trust him and let him know when to let it out

    • Eric85 says:

      @G The Mac Kawai is doing this drama out of respect for Toronto but it is clear that he will go to Lakers if he stays in raptors he would lose almost 12 million in taxes he would be paying taxes in two countries. Sorry

    • catonic says:

      @Asmosis Jones Not on kawhi..woj only knows trades and signings from front office and agents.. with Kawhi…Its either, Cris Carter, Jalen Rose or Chris Broussard.

    • fearful509 says:

      Wtf Bro……. You Want Them To Read Somebody Brain ????…….. They Report On What Dey Hear Bro…….. Wyd More Do You Want

    • Edward Gore says:

      Thank you….you would think these guys are “Sport´s Prophets”. All they do is talk?~talk?~talk?~

  5. KingMickD says:

    Shannon was roasting Rob and Skip this entire segment. Notice how they were both stuttering because they couldn’t decide what lie to come up with next. #BustSkipUp

  6. Junior Soto says:

    Why does everyone say he grew up a lakers Fan? He has stated that his favorite player was A.I. and he hated the lakers.

  7. Jalen Rose says:

    Broussard is a good analyst but isn’t reliable for free agency or trade rumors. People forget he used to get mocked for all his “sources” at ESPN. No one knows what Kawhi is doing or thinking

  8. Ankh Maat Hotep says:

    Rob Parker have SOME serious hangups on LBJ….

  9. Yod Elohim says:

    “That’s what that Columbia online degree do for you” ?

  10. Jamal Dawson says:

    Kahwi waiting on the supermax 2021 1 more year in Toronto

    • ImWatchingYew says:

      then he can sign with laker for 1 year contract….

    • Nate Wilson says:

      i respect for Canada but dont get me wrong he aint gonna stay longer that organization mark my word i will be back here when kawhi already decide

    • Dre W says:

      He can do the same thing with the Lakers. He can sign a three year deal with PO and then resign for the 5 year max. LeBron will be gone and we’ll be set up to bring in another star or build out an amazing cast of role players.

  11. Praetorian Foil says:

    too many politics and media in LA … kawhi just not that guy … doesn’t have time for that immature nonsense

  12. LeeTravius Mckay says:

    Kendrick Perkins appeared on Undisputed and First Take the same day ???

  13. LeeTravius Mckay says:

    Skip and rob would have heart attacks if kawhi went to the Lakers

  14. Drew Bravo says:

    Yeah well all these ? ? ? said 90% chance Durant goes to the Knicks. So much for their guessing.

  15. Ken Ogu says:

    That Columbia Online degree being put too use eh….lmao

  16. PrideTimeB says:

    Chris Broussard: I’m hearing from my sources that it’s a 99% chance Kawhi signs with Lakers.

    Also Chris Broussard: My sources are telling me that it’s very close between the Raptors and Lakers.

    • Joseph Araujo says:

      I have a source that heard Kawhi is thinking of taking a year off to go play in Europe..

    • Patrick says:

      I have a source that says the Lakers, Clippers and Raptors each have a 33% chance.

    • Kevin Joseph says:

      he reported 99% before kawhi emt with toronto. Then kawhi met and now he says its very close. Can Kawhi not change his mind?

    • Poots Plasencia says:

      @Kevin Joseph noo because how can you be 99 percent sure a decision is made if your still in the middle of making a decision it was a lie that he was going to the lakers when he was saying it

  17. Chad Mackie says:

    Imagine thinking Kawhi is deciding where to live based on the tv channels being different. Lol

    • CrociatoAzzurro says:

      This has happened in the past.

      Years back Antonio Davis said he was leaving because he didn’t want his kids learning the Metric System as we do in Canada (and so does the rest of the world for that matter). He wanted his children to go to US schools where they were taught the US system of measurement. Nevermind that the US is probably the only nation that is not in line with the rest of the world.

    • Lil Tony says:

      Thanos yeah but them socialism tax rates are crazy kawhi want to come back to America where he can keep the money he earns

    • Adam Brown says:

      Torontonian here. We have Netflix. If you still have Sat/cable, you get all the American channels (Boston or buffalo affiliates).
      I don’t get FS1 though. Hmmm…

  18. Jmoney Harris says:

    They all feel some type of way because Kawhi is different and they cant figure out what’s next??

  19. BrxndxnR says:

    Kawhi said that he grew up an IVERSON fan and his family were Laker fans growing up not him

    • ZANY says:

      whats your point? most professional athletes play for teams they weren’t fans of as kids

    • Malcolm Griffin says:

      That’s irrelevant he can be a fan of a player and still have a fav team ??‍♂️ and his uncle his manager soooo I’m pretty sure he pushing to go back to LA

    • Will Meakin says:

      Read that yearbook. He was a nuggets fan when iverson was there.

  20. Andrew Luck says:

    of course Shannon wants to make it seem like Kawhi just wants to play with Lebron

    • Asmosis Jones says:

      if it wasn’t for ad kawhi doesnt come period….bron is a negative…honestly I feel kawhi would of come with jimmy if they had cap room for both to join ad..they should of never gotten bron….

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