Robert De Niro Impressed With Tom Hiddleston Impressions – The Graham Norton Show

Robert De Niro Impressed With Tom Hiddleston Impressions – The Graham Norton Show

Tom Hiddleston might be the best impersonator we’ve ever had on the show. He even impressed Sir Bob with this amazing impression from Heat.

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20 Responses

  1. POOpStiNkPiE says:

    …thay first one was his deniro? right after he said especially if they do
    it well…. DeNiros face was all smiling like… that sucked

  2. LozzaBurger says:

    Tom was acting exactly how I would in front of one of the greatest actors
    of all time

  3. W3LLcoOL says:

    Sorry, he wasn’t that good at all lol. His english accent was just too
    strong and @ 4:03 that is a very good Mark Wahlberg impression :P

  4. Crusherx99 says:

    The crowd are really audible on this one.

  5. Dianam1201 says:

    He fanboyed so much! Could tell he was nervous doing the impressions, but
    gotta love him!

  6. RayneEve Laca says:


  7. Daniel J. Turrell says:

    I’m sorry but I feel Robert was over it at 2:07 “c’mon do mine already”

  8. heybigsplendour says:

    Oh Tom you’re such a cutie

  9. DPMAce says:

    Heat is such an amazing movie

  10. Rad Misfit says:

    This is great! Robert De Niro looks great too!

  11. MassiveScore says:

    The first two impressions are really not good. The Pacino was pretty good.
    Then the De Niro wasn’t very good either.

  12. I Like You, You See (IYQUC) says:

    Enjoyed this clip….

  13. TheAnnaEdition says:

    I love how as soon as Graham mentioned impressions Tom’s like “Oh I know
    where this is going” and nervously flits around.

  14. BoomBoomPeanuts says:

    he’s really bad.

  15. borderlinblue says:

    hes HOT!

  16. serenity s says:

    de Niroooooo… he is THE best actor evvvvver… i love youuuuuuu home boy

  17. t wang says:

    awww his face is the same color as the orange wall behind him <3

  18. MT CrayCray says:

    Tom omfg u beautiful nerd.

  19. Synikal says:

    Oh god….the lighting.

  20. latina4evaX7 says:

    This is so adorable. To think how much Tom admires him. Having the chance
    to do that in front of Robert Di Nero himself must’ve been a lifetime