Robert Downey Jr full interview: star walks out when asked about past

Robert Downey Jr full interview: star walks out when asked about past

Robert Downey Jr talks super heroes, Iron Man and his latest movie Avengers: Age of Ultron.
But when the questions turn to his family and colourful past, the film star the interview with Channel 4 News presenter Krishnan Guru-Murthy to an abrupt end. Full story –

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20 Responses

  1. Mark Brumfield says:

    RDJ should of put this fool in his place

  2. Abdullah Mohammed says:

    the reporter was a piece of shi**
    RDJ go forward, we’re still love you so much.

  3. yodalucky7 says:

    RDJ you’re my hero. You handled that so good. This reporter sucks. All he
    wants is tabloid junk and stuff for people to gossip about. Your personal
    history is irrelevant and for no one to talk about. Look at the present
    people. What does it matter what happened, look at now and not at his
    personal life. Who here has never did anything wrong?

  4. Comic Sense says:

    The look that the light guy or whatever gives to the interviewer when rdj
    leaves was like “Yeah you fucked up”…..

  5. brandenrhodes26 says:

    You could tell Robert was getting uncomfortable And that’s when this guy
    should have changed the subject. Instead he kept pushing. Know when to drop
    it dude. 

  6. antonio quinonez says:

    What a pathetically bad interviewer. Much more deserving people out there.

  7. dclipe says:

    like a champ lol.

  8. Tracy K says:

    Yuck, this interviewer comes off smarmy, like he is trying to get some big
    juicy story.
    I wasn’t a Robert Downy Jr. fan before, but I am now. What to handle a
    creeper, Downy!

  9. Amy L says:

    I just don’t get what would possess someone to ask such a personal
    question! Kudos to RDJ for keeping his cool.

  10. Ken Fairbairn says:

    I have so much respect for RDJ. He deserves to portray Iron-Man/ Tony
    Stark. Genius.

  11. Ryan Krueger says:

    You see RDJ start breathing harder when the question comes. What a champ
    for keeping his cool, being mature about it, and making the interviewer
    look like a complete dipsh*t.

  12. ScotsmaninUtah says:

    Guru-Murthy …. the man who is becoming a liability in journalism…. the
    Jeremy Clarkson of interviewers..
    see ya !!

  13. Marc Winger says:

    British “journalists”/interviewers whatever, are the worst. The problem
    is, that they think that everyone outside of the UK will take their

  14. davie dfd says:

    Krishnan is only there to promote Krishnan…guess what he aint that

  15. MrKFresh05 says:

    Fuck that guy! RDJ is an amazing actor who deserves respect

  16. MsTheBlackWidow says:

    To be honest, he may be a star but he is also human and a father. He got
    over it and kept his life going, why can’t others let him? Stop bringing up
    his past, he ain’t proud of it! He’s got so much going on so why bring
    questions like that. Ask him about his movies and at worst ask him if he
    wants to talk about how his family influences his works. I could’ve came up
    with better.

  17. Headless Eyes says:

    This is such a traumatic topic for anyone. You can just blindside ppl with
    that kind of digging. He’s not a therapist. You can tell anxiety hits him
    and he keeps going on… he was there to talk about today.

  18. J Dog says:

    Anyone hear him say “youre kind of a schmuck” as he left the room? Rdj is a

  19. Marc Winger says:

    No sympathy for the rabid reporter. Stupid, stupid man.

  20. Alex Beyer says:

    When did interviewers become cunty assholes chasing that moment where they
    get a rise out of a celebrity. Journalism is dead, tabloid-ism is the new
    king. And this is why Channel 4 will always be the throwaway Arts and
    Comedy channel and not the respected news channel, because they pull this
    shit. The interviewer had a fucking agenda, and Robert Downey Jr wasn’t
    fucking having it. Now RDJ looks like a cunt to the ignorant asses, and the
    interviewer is now going to be praised for getting a rise out of him since
    it’s great for ratings. Fucking asshole.