Rock ‘n’ roll legend Chuck Berry dead at 90

Rock ‘n’ roll legend Chuck Berry dead at 90

Rock ‘n’ roll legend Chuck Berry has died at the age of 90. Missouri police responded to a medical emergency at a home and were unable to revive him.

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20 Responses

  1. Geary Kunkel says:

    No particular place to go …..!……bam !…..bigger than prince or Michael !!!!!!!!!

  2. william carter says:

    There s some one felt the full force of  white supremacy and was able to keep his dignity… He could be easy called the king of all music ….

  3. Tom Slick says:

    To bad , I liked Chuck Berry .
    He was a True American , Unlike Filthy Anti-American NlGGERS Like Snoop Dog.
    To Bad Snoop didnt die instead.

  4. Darius Southern says:

    Thank You So Much Mr. Berry, Now you can now put your guitar down after 62 years of influencing those who love & admire you so much, Go on to those beautiful heavenly gates in your White Cadillac sir & now let God take good care of you now.

    Rest In Peace Love & Blessings To Your Family.?❤????

  5. Ash G says:

    Damn they made it known that he had trouble with the law.

  6. It's Troll Time says:

    From what I’ve heard, Chuck Berry could be as mean as the devil… maybe even meaner. As a musician, he has my utmost respect. The man is a legend, and rightfully so. He might just be the most respected guitarist and song writer in rock ‘n’ roll history. RIP Chuck Berry, and thank you for the music.


    We are Africans. They are designed to hate us no matter what we do. We’re dealing with a unexplainable evil.

  8. Jay Barker says:

    Does that mean he’s not coming on then?

  9. Kyle R.B. says:

    R.I.P Chuck Berry!!!

    We love the music night and day!!!

  10. V says:

    RIP Mr. Berry. Thanks for all the wonderful music that will live on forever.

  11. Pin t says:

    Chuck invented rock n roll and Bieber redefined rock n roll

  12. Orion RSX says:

    The king ain’t dead. He just went home.

  13. Jason Thompson says:

    The Godfather of Rock n Roll…..what a gift to the world. Thank you Chuck Berry for Rock n Roll and thank God for Chuck Berry!

  14. Spider Leo says:

    I miss him ???

  15. Gerald Ponder says:

    This man created rock and roll ???

  16. OldskolFan says:

    I didn’t know about all of his jail time! However, they made sure Elvis…avoided jail time *cough*

  17. Robert Moto says:

    Another one Bites the Dust…

  18. johnriddell71 says:

    He’s spying on women in the restrooms in heaven now.

  19. Grabmypussy says:

    He was a criminal anyways

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