ROCKETS vs WARRIORS | Stephen Curry & Klay Thompson Combine For 52 Points | Game 5

ROCKETS vs WARRIORS | Stephen Curry & Klay Thompson Combine For 52 Points | Game 5

Klay Thompson (27 points, 4 rebounds, 3 steals and 5 three-pointers) and Stephen Curry (25 points, 6 rebounds and 5 assists) led the Warriors to a 104-99 victory over the Rockets tonight in Oakland to take a 3-2 lead in this best-of-seven series. Game 6 is set to take place at Toyota Center in Houston on Friday, May 10th at 9:00p.m. on ESPN.

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66 Responses

  1. Black Phillip says:

    Kevon Looney is the unsung heroes of this game ✊?✊?

  2. Dats a paddlin says:

    Harden this ones on you bruh…choke harden returned in the 4th.

    • Nico Odeku says:

      harden was best player on the court by far

    • aja3longhorn says:

      no way. This game is either on Capela or D’antoni for letting Capela play. He was horrible all night on both ends, couldn’t get a rebound, couldn’t control the ball, and couldn’t make a wide open layup.

    • Stoica Dru says:

      Nico Odeku with 1 shot in the 4th quarter? Your trippin bro, Looney was more important then Harden tonight

    • Victor Chavez says:

      1 shot in the last 7 minutes. Dirk would of closed this out

    • Devon Blake says:

      +aja3longhorn exactly right! Capela was terrible the whole game couldn’t make a damn layup

  3. okc thunder blue white orange nation says:

    No kd and rockets still cant win it was right there for em to win what a blown opportunity

  4. Victor Reyes says:

    iguodala with that lock down D on defense in the 4th!! Looney stepping up too . Such a intense game

  5. Darren Poole says:

    The rockets biography title “Wish it, Want it, You Blew it” there’s a mirror in the back of the book so they can see exactly who blew.

  6. Whole Lotta Gang Shit says:

    If the Rockets don’t win this series now
    Blow the Rockets up jesus.

  7. philly_ sports says:

    Here’s a legitimate question:

    Would you rather be a fan of a team like the Kings or the Hornets who are either mediocre or bad every year, and there’s no real expectations for them because they just don’t have enough talent? Or would you rather be a fan of the Rockets, who tease you into thinking that THIS will be the year they finally get over the hump only to come up short and break your heart every season?

    I’d be interested to see your thoughts.

  8. Blake Miller says:

    Bench Clint capela please god he is playing with no confidence this series, just a detriment this game

    • laysrayslays says:

      He’s going to have fun in the next game for sure.
      Now KD can’t guard Harden, Harden just needs to cook Warriors guards, and Warriors will leave Capela open a lot.

    • Dot Dot says:

      +laysrayslays it’s kinda sad how desperate rockets fans are. You guys speaking on this like it was the finals. Its only the 2nd round rofl. Even if the rockets win the “2nd round” other teams remaining are better. You have a overpaid has-been thats known to choke. And im not even referring to Harden lol.

    • laysrayslays says:

      Dot Dot what are you talking about? We are just talking about Capela.

    • Roger Woods says:

      +laysrayslays not if looney got anything to say about it.. cp3 already got blocked lol harden will be next

  9. DeviantByNature says:

    Splash Bros got tired of the disrespect ?? KD went out & Steph just went to work ??

  10. Reg Nash says:

    Draymond was amazing.

  11. Michael Bell says:

    Now that’s warriors ball.

  12. John Park says:

    Lmao curry and klay were tired of being disrespected by max ??

  13. BigMac N Cheez says:

    Steph and klay were clutch af

  14. ?Candy_Bomb? says:

    Rockets Had the Opportunity To win Because KD Went to The Locker Room Cuz of his Injury… They Can Close out this Game if We always had The 73-9 Splash Bros MODE ON

  15. Aaron says:

    KD is the only superstar who can just ditch half the game and his team still wins

    • I'm like Melo says:

      Look at the raptors record without kawhi….

    • nadeaheaven says:

      That is not KD’s team..please.

    • Jada Wiltshire says:

      Aaron i really hope he is ok

    • Gumersindo Cebollero says:

      Why do you think he came to Golden State? He could have been on the bench this past 2 years and would still have the same amount of rings

    • Jordan Turner says:

      Gumersindo Cebollero lmao y’all gonna hate no matter what huh, Durant is hurt stop the excuses and enjoy basketball Jesus Christ I don’t understand how ppl can be upset for three years do you not have your own team to watch because warriors haters suck more gsw dick than the bandwagons and that’s ??

  16. YouReallyDontKnow says:

    Klay finding his groove, nice.
    Y’all warrior fans can thank Klay for the win

    • Vibezz says:

      I personally thank Kevon Looney for that clutch OReb and Iggy for the stellar defense (no surprise there) and Draymonds intensity (even though he fouled out late) this was 100% a TEAM win

  17. Chris Breezy says:

    The team only grew a pair when KD went out and they were forced to. Durant is great but at times they just become so reliant on him and it hurts them.

    • asalgado49 says:


    • T3ch3lper says:

      Chris Breezy KD been dominant and averaging crazy stats since the Clippers series. I understand why the team would wanna give him the ball. And if he not playing, then they’ll step up and win the game

  18. Ashton labosette says:

    Rockets definitely should have taken advantage of the game when Durant left

  19. kwesi bell says:

    ????great win team love and i must say this a really REALLY good playoff match up loving it?????????? but it’s GS alllll the way #DUBNATIONSTANDUP

  20. kwesi bell says:

    Iguodala gonna be a big difference maker in this series in my opinion he does alot and don’t always get the credit he deserves…he goes hard frfr???

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