Rod Wave – Stone Rolling (Official Video)

Rod Wave – Stone Rolling (Official Video)

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28 Responses

  1. Duke Dennis says:

    Repeat until the album 💯🔥

  2. Jayla Monae says:

    i can’t wait for his album to drop i’m gone have it on repeat!!! 🔁 💯

  3. Black&White Music says:

    “Nice to be in this group of like-minded people who also found this awesome songs

  4. Agholor says:

    Finally i missed rod wave music man. The fucking goat

  5. VXTINE says:

    It’s just something Rod Wave has that makes everything feel better when he drops these gems. We love it Rod, Keep it Rollingg!!🎶🎼

  6. Fierce Austin Videogames says:

    Rod Wave never upsets with his voice and lyrics

  7. um v says:

    I lost a loved one recently and we grew up listening to you. This album is gonna different since i’m not gonna be listening to it with her, like we had usually did with all your music. Thank you so much Rod Wave for making the time i had with her better, your music was and is everything.

  8. Ash Bryant says:

    This man is fr incredible. His music helps millions of people it’s amazing. Thank you Rod Wave. Hope all is well. Much Love ✊

  9. destiny jackson says:

    as somebody who been listening to him since 2019, i can hear the growth in his voice and the way he raps and im so prouda him

  10. Lonzo on a mission says:

    This album gonna hit different ❤️📈

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