Roddy Ricch – The Box [Official Music Video]

Roddy Ricch – The Box [Official Music Video]

Roddy Ricch – The Box
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54 Responses

  1. Lazer says:

    This confused me more on what Is “the box”

    • Nadia Lanier says:

      @WireHanga. You really think you can just “look up” the REAL meaning to a song. People tell you what they WANT you to know, but the video is very creepy. Yes the video is visually captivating, but I am so serious lol it’s demonic.

    • WireHanga says:

      Nadia Lanier i feel u!!!

    • Jordin from the woods says:

      @WireHanga I think its all metaphorical, no one’s wrong here imo. Roddy has figured out alot of shit, he knows how systems work and how to cash shit in this industry without selling his soul; He’s a multitask boo that will finish in a museum as he says so. Aint nun’ demoniac about this vid, he just wont act up to please you coz that where he’s showing us what has he gonn’ thru and who he is

    • Nadia Lanier says:

      @Oj James. But hear me when I tell you I am NOT trying to look deep. I want to vibe out and have a good time like everybody else. But the video is very creepy on the surface level. If I were to truly LOOK deep I couldn’t even watch the video. And trust me I understand how your environment you grew up in or how you were raised can paint your perception of reality. Whether inspired by movies or not the video is still communicating a lot…and imo it is low key creepy. Some people don’t know how to disconnect “entertainment” and they see these music videos and try to imitate that in real life and end up in a “box” called a casket. That is my whole negative with some “rappers” or influencers.

    • Aidan Hallburger says:

      It’s the closet

  2. Super Gamer4728 says:

    I’m disappointed that this was not sponsored by Windex.

  3. 10k subs with no video challenge says:

    2:10 when a robber enters into my house

  4. 10.000 Subs with 0 videos Challenge? says:

    *Has 10 mil in one day?*

    Definitely here before this blows up

  5. Sami La Menace says:

    Director: How many different situation do you want?
    Roddy Ricch: Yes

  6. El'Capitán says:

    0:18 new Need for speed (2021) – leaked gameplay

  7. David Buule says:

    Roddy Ricch: I’m a 2020 president candidate
    Trump: I’m screwed af.

  8. Hyper_YT says:

    Director: How many scenes do you want?

    Rody Rich: eer er

  9. Hunteritos YT says:

    1:01 bruh roddy didn’t cross him he just ran away

  10. Biscuit ·-· says:

    2:15 Me 4 seconds after repairing my car in Los Santos customs

  11. Detective Bluto Mindpretzel says:


    People trying to get likes: “nobody:”

  12. Levi Beechey says:

    When your having a midnight feast and dont want anyone waking up

    Door: EE ERR

  13. official .h10 says:

    Me hitting pubity trying to say’ here’: EE ER

  14. 1k subs with no videos challenge says:


    Spongebob rubbing 2 pickles together:
    EE UR

  15. Anthony says:


    The microwave at 4am: EE ER

  16. Vada 69 says:


    That one wheel on the shopping cart: EE ER

  17. Kevin Jova says:

    Guy : Has anyone seen my box??

    6ix9ine : Roddy stole it.

  18. ziad hennawi says:

    2:38 me and the boys playing cops and robbers with nerf

  19. VieshMaster says:


    Kids shoes in the basketball court: ee urrr

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