Roger Stone: Trump’s Albino Assassin

Roger Stone: Trump’s Albino Assassin

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Longtime Trump advisor and author Roger Stone joins Bill to discuss accusations of collusion between Trump associates and Russia.

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20 Responses

  1. Jordan Wendt says:


  2. enlessdreams says:

    Why is this cunt on this show? Stop legitimizing liars and crooks like him.

  3. Claire Knight says:

    This guy thinks wearing an oversized pin-stripe suit will make him look like a tough mob boss, but all I see is an old, unfulfilled man, overcompensating for a life long streak of failures brought on by an inability to correct self-destructive behaviors. He supports Trump because he feels empowered by him and so desperately yearns to live through him. What a fool.

  4. Turbid TG1 says:

    Isn’t this douchebag going to jail as well? Why is he here?

  5. enlessdreams says:

    Keep on shouting Russia while ignoring all the real problems and civilian deaths in the middle east. God I hate calling myself a liberal now!

  6. Commander Kek says:

    Nothing he says is being refuted. You all can hate him as much as you want but that doesn’t make him wrong. I don’t particularly like him, but you can’t just say him or Trump should be locked up or impeached without hard evidence.

  7. A. Yusuf says:

    Dude is more orange than Trump?

  8. darkphoenix2 says:

    Anyone with skin can tell that Roger Stone is just one big walking lie

  9. will be my end says:

    Bernie Sanders could have orchestrated an actual revolution… if the establishment Democrats had opened their eyes.

  10. Feu cruel says:

    This russian connection conspiracy theory is complete bullshit. FAKE NEWS

  11. el jay says:

    This man Roger Stone is a what I’d call a professional bullshitter??

  12. Terminimal says:

    The problem with the Putin panderers and colluders is they think Putin’s Russia is American patriotism. They recognize that Russia has shed its Marxist atheism, and made a hard turn into social conservatism, conformity, authoritarianism, using Islamic terror as a bogeyman (just because something is real doesn’t mean it can’t be used as a bogeyman) to take away human rights.

    And so these guys fail to see why supporting and working with Putin isn’t patriotic, because they have this twisted vision of American patriotism as conservative nationalism, rather than allegiance to the Constitution and its implicit universalism.

  13. I know Putin is evil dictator and says:

    THIS GUY IS GOING TO PRISON… He’s a traitor!

  14. John B says:

    The greatest liars in world history are Marxists such as Bill Maher. Karl Marx preached that there was no right or wrong or ethics, and that it was ok to lie, slander or even commit genocide against anyone opposing socialism and communism. In other words, nearly everything a Marxist says is a lie in order to gain power. Bill is lying and slandering for the revolution that he hopes will give him a place of power in. There is ZERO evidence of this “Russian” conspiracy. It’s really just a build up to another Iraq style war.

  15. eg626 says:

    I love how you people are freaking out over this guy. When James Clapper (who we know LIED TO CONGRESS) is on the same panel. Give me a break

  16. Vinny D says:

    The people who need to be investigated for their Russian ties are Hillary and Bill Clinton. Hillary agreed to sell Russia 1/5 of our uranium while receiving $35 million to the Clinton Foundation. Bill Clinton received $500,000 for a speech. Hillary Clinton’s campaign chair, John Podesta, received $35 million in shares of a Russian government owned energy company. Lastly, Russia invaded Crimea and their influence spread in Syria while Hillary Clinton and her Russian reset was Secretary of State.

  17. Tox says:

    Trump and his crime family were installed by Russia ?? WTF ? lol I hope that was a joke.

  18. Hoyuna Scipter says:

    While I disagree with this Russia stuff, I’m glad Bill got Stone on his show. We need to hear all sides.

  19. Todd Taliaferro says:

    As soon as he said he wrote an article for Breitbart I knew this guy was nothing but bad for America. Add to that all the bad actors he seems to know personally and he becomes a person to avoid.

  20. TyrannosaurusBatman says:

    gotta say, bill maher gets owned here. how useless are liberals

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