Romantic Fall Date Night Makeup | Carli Bybel

Romantic Fall Date Night Makeup | Carli Bybel

Thumbs up for more fall makeup looks 🙂


Good morning !!!

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Dress: #carlibybelxmissguided
Necklace: 25% off code: carlixoxo

Products used in order:
Trish Mcevoy Rose Quarts
Charlotte Tilbury Legendary Muse
Protect the lions palette
Anastasia shadow in hot chocolate
Anastasia shadow in
Christina WSP
Tarte mascara
Nars highligh and blush palette
Charlotte Tilbury Bond girl
OCC Hollywood liquid lipstick


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Disclaimer: this video is sponsored by Nordstrom. I purchased all the products 🙂 I only recommend products that I personally love!

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20 Responses

  1. haticek says:

    When I use shimmery shades in my crease I look like a cheap woman from the
    streets :D

  2. Mariiam Drii says:

    ❤️❤️I love this romantic glam look? xoxo your SnapFam???

  3. Lovelee28 says:

    omg my notifications are on for her videos but I didn’t get one for this!
    thank goodness I saw it on my feed…love you girl! u know I’m part of the
    early squaaad ?

  4. Sassygirl says:

    Am I too late to have a reply? ? hello from temecula

  5. Reghan Chalker says:

    I’m so jealous of Carli’s eye shape ??

  6. Beauty By Steffani says:

    where is your choker from?

  7. miiasaurous says:

    have you finally found a cruelty free mascara you like because I need some
    suggestions!! thanks girl

  8. Lizzie Lozano says:

    Was this sponsored by Nordstrom? It is a very beautiful look by the way…

  9. Logi Bro says:

    you have a small ass head

  10. Gubtato Gub says:

    Fuck off why the fucking hell is this shitty YouTube video on the fucking
    popular page

  11. Abby Darel says:

    I’m glad to see a big YouTuber who uses cruelty-free makeup like I do! I
    did notice however that you’re using a NARS product, and unfortunately NARS
    was bought out by Shiseido, who perform animal testing 🙁 technically NARS
    itself is cruelty-free, but buying it is still giving money to a company
    that isn’t! Just something to think about! (But yay honestly thank you for
    giving a shit about animals)

  12. haley sterba says:

    Im sorry thats not romantic its creepy

  13. MaryFrances Brazil says:

    is it just me, or do her eye lashes look like spider legs?

  14. J martinez says:

    First date swimming

  15. rose0f white says:

    God bless you for zooming in! ??

  16. God says:

    You look like fucking Mrs. Potato head that ACTUALLY tried to do her own

  17. Simonne Slezak says:

    Tehe I did almost the same look today

  18. Logician says:

    Great video… But DISLIKE for “cruelty” stupid comment. Animal testing is
    the very reason you don’t have radiation in your make-up.

    And LACK of animal testing is exactly how those poor women in the 1910s
    died to radiation poisoned products. Because no one tested on monkeys

  19. Carina Palafox says:

    you are pretty. you look like a combination of kim kardashian and megan fox

  20. Ashley Woods says:

    if i had the eye shape and lid space like you do! i would be the happiest
    girl alive!