Ronaldo film Trailer

Ronaldo film Trailer

Check out the trailer for my film! In cinemas worldwide Nov 9. Visit for more information.

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19 Responses

  1. P7EZIDENT says:

    #CristianoRonaldo goalkeeper , you’re kidding?)

  2. Stan XCX says:

    A goalkeeper is fucking okay kid !! Just screw your stupid dad !

  3. vincent game says:

    “i want to be a goalkeeper”
    “are you joking!?”

  4. Kennedy Ngumbang says:

    you are the my inspiration..

  5. Tiago Correia says:

    when is it going to be released? answer please

  6. Carol Coulson says:

    Going to watch their

  7. HardcoreHDGamer says:

    This is a joke video trailer, yes?

    I would have thought so, because whoever is finding a footballers life
    interesting needs to getting out more. Jesus.

  8. Franz Ferdinand says:

    I find that the best athletes/celebrities get a lot of hate simply because
    they excel at what they do

  9. pronicka tatalios says:

    Ronaldo. .- ,-

  10. Theodore Nguyen says:

    I am a Messi Fan. I came here because Messi appear in this thing.

  11. GDengis says:

    first of al, this should be called ‘Christiano’, we already have a Ronaldo.
    Second, what is really most important to him, winning or family? Because he
    says winning is the most important thing for him, and 20 seconds later he
    says his family is the most important thing..

  12. Oliver Roxby says:

    How sad

  13. michael florestal says:

    Dios te bendiga !!!

  14. Oliver Roxby says:

    So fake

  15. 7ManuelRodriguez says:

    Goosebumps. This man is so much more than a football player. I hope the
    people who are hating him are going to watch the film and recognize what
    kind of person he really is.

  16. crawlie naga says:

    the best footballer…..

  17. Sufi Soul says:

    He’s good.

    But Messi is great.

  18. The Real Guy says:

    Ronaldo ???????

  19. Demo says:

    Cristiano Ronaldo 2015 GOOO