Ronda Rousey Shows Ellen How to Mean Mug

Ronda Rousey Shows Ellen How to Mean Mug

Former UFC Champion turned WWE superstar Ronda Rousey talked to Ellen about her new venture in the ring, and how to “mean mug” while intimidating opponents.

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102 Responses

  1. Everything says:

    Ronda and Ellen ❤️❤️😍😍

  2. Zoya Bella says:

    She is gorgeous 😍😍

  3. 6alal Al3jmi says:

    If you guys have a cringe fetish like me then I heavily advise you to watch her in WWE. That shit gets me hard every time.

    • ProjectGibix says:

      I tried looking her up in WWE and she has yet to wrestle anyone. Where did you get this information about her selling? Did I miss a clip somewhere? About the only thing I found was one where she’s training with Baszler a year ago.

    • Broken Whiskey glass says:

      Hahahaha pathetic woman ughhh the cringe is so strong

    • Mona De Janeiro says:

      6alal Al3jmi It makes me cringe and I love Ronda.

    • ds5955 says:

      6alal Al3jmi well that’s they’re fault if she can’t comfortably speak or act. She should have a manager, talk for her like Brock Lesnar, It’s as simple as that

    • Alfonso Sanchez says:

      Give Ronda a chance in WWE. I’m pretty sure Brian Kendrick trained her well

  4. sawang wangchha says:

    Ronda Rousey vs Asuka, and Ellen be the special referee. 😁😁😁

    • Milo 2607 says:

      sawang wangchha funny idea lol. I cannot imagine how Ellen would react

    • McKenna Garrett says:

      sawang wangchha yessssssss

    • Only Jesus Forgives says:

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    • Boo Bat says:

      sawang wangchha Asuka is facing Charlotte dude. Ronda took Asukas shine, so she picked the SmackDown brand.

    • Preeti Basak says:

      Asuka is dangerous

  5. TheMovieMyLife says:

    Ronda is looking great. 🙂

  6. Nark Jones says:

    Who cares what she does with HER life. If some of you put in the effort in your own lives that you seem to put into Ronda’s you’d be in a better position than you are now

    • Rhonda Ann Northcutt says:

      dan plays IKR…. It’s like why are they even watching it if they don’t care some people are just bullies….

    • Rhonda Ann Northcutt says:

      dan plays also I bet they wouldn’t say that to her face…😲💪👊✌

    • William King says:

      Most people support her move into wrestling.Its her bully/nasty attitude while she was winning that has drawn peoples criticism.You have to admit the violent 1 sided nature of her 2 losses in ufc and the fact she clearly wants nothing to do with real fighting because of it has left her open to public criticism.Its not just unsuccessful people who criticise sports stars and celebrities.Those in the public eye are happy to exploit the praise when its all going good so they should be open to the criticism when its not going good.In Rouseys case she put it in peoples/medias face that she was the best and nobody could touch her.The humble individual you see now is not who would be there if her ufc career hadnt imploded

    • Nark Jones says:

      William King literally every UFC fighter ever has said that they are the best. It’s to sell tickets!!

    • William King says:

      Nark Jones so you think it was an act lol,go watch some of her interviews,not every ufc fighter is as unpopular as rousey,Im neutral towards her if im honest,I think she had a bad attitude but is probably a nice person.Im just saying its her own fault people put time into hating on her.While she was winning she couldnt give a shit if she came off as a bitch,now shes been humbled in embarrassig fashion people are not allowed to remark on her as a sports star?

  7. laila1989ism says:

    Lol poor Andy

  8. F Ch says:

    Those arms 💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻

    • Zlatan Ibrahimovic says:

      F Ch I’ve got arm muscles way bigger than those and I’m 15…does that mean I’m stronger than a WWE wrestler? I doubt it. It’s all scripted so I doubt she’s actually THAT strong irl.

  9. David Clark says:

    WWE is no easy job. Ask Brock Lesnar. At least it’s not a money grab thing like it is for Brock. It’s been her life long dream… Her nickname “Rowdy” Ronda Rousey was actually passed down to her by pro wrestling legend and her hero “Rowdy” Roddy Piper.

    • Poeta enlaluna says:

      “life long dream” are you serious? Yeah maybe as soon as she signed up with WWE that´s the lie they´ve been telling people.

    • Psycho Kid24x says:

      Triple R

    • Caine Te Whare says:

      Rock Boy Every time you go to a movie, do you feel the need to point out it’s fake. Literally everything you see on tv with wrestling is what happened. You see the mistakes, the real hits, the fake hits. They don’t hide anything. No special effects or body doubles. If you think there’s no pain from wrestling, you’d b wrong there too.

    • Elias Molina says:

      David Clark some bullshit ass story

    • Caine Te Whare says:

      Elias Molina Do you even know what you’re talking about?

  10. fak1t says:

    As atlehete she is overrated as a person she is decent!

    • BOY GEORGE says:

      lol you are so funny ellen

    • Fusion Fireball says:

      How? She started her MMA Career as 12-0 and is currently 12-2. She is the 1st ever UFC Women’s Bantamweight Champion. She became the face of the womens division of the UFC. Multiple awards and medals for Judo including a bronze medal in 2008 for the Bejing summer Olympics. So how do you explain that? Is it because she feel into depression? Or is it because she’s a professional wrestler for WWE?

    • Zlatan Ibrahimovic says:

      Fusion Fireball No it’s cuz so many people say she’s all *”tough”* and *”would beat our asses”* but she doesn’t look physically capable of beating my gym trainer. I’ll bet my money on my dad if they got in a fist fight.

    • Knights of Algiz says:

      She is a WORLD CLASS grappler in MMA. Nothing can change that. But she doesn’t quite have the skill level to beat the best at stand-up – and that is where she got found out. Still an MMA legend though

  11. Kassie Mitchell says:

    Ronda looks good in that dress. I saw the flowers and thought wth was she thinking but she makes it work.

  12. kubo obuk says:

    for people saying she gave up in the ufc, keep in mind she was already talking about retiring and moving on to do other things before her betch fight (which was long before her losses for those who don’t know).

    • Jonathan Xin says:

      Charles Khoilan not so much she didn’t face competition, at her time she did but the sport evolved past her.

    • itsmebernard says:

      Well the issue is how she dealt with her losses

    • tamo a says:

      The issue is how she dealt with her losses and her general attitude on TUF.

    • Knights of Algiz says:

      Her poor sportsmanship was the key issue. Because she has issues with her ego and her whole identity was based on being “Ronda Rousey the Badass”. In terms of MMA, she will always be a world class grappler. Nothing can change that. Also, she came back and faced a BEAST in Nunes after being decimated by Holm and that takes COURAGE (and I’ve never really been a fan of her, but I do recognise that). She just can’t fight at that level standing up (on the ground all those women are toast). Still an MMA legend

    • DakotaRogers says:

      So she got TKO’d twice on purpose? Gotcha.

  13. kane6472 says:

    The business = exposed

  14. Daniel says:

    Ellen looks like an elf when she does the mean mug lmao

  15. Hindered Bender Esquire says:

    You supposed to be on RAW missy! lol

  16. fruitloops says:

    I did the mean mug face but it only activated my double chin

  17. TimeWatch5 says:

    This bich intimidating

    • John Bob says:

      MrIzzyify Ever heard of Cyborg?

    • todd brown says:

      John Bob ever heard of the boxer Clarissa Shields? Cyborg brought her into camp as a sparring partner for the Holm fight and Shields knocked her out

    • taifhamid1 says:

      Mrlzzyify she ain’t shit, Ronda had a shit trainer and was probably ready to move on after her first lose.
      we’ll find out how “great” your lioness is when she faces cyborg, cyborg have already thrown the challenge, let’s see how many minutes she lasts lol.

    • fresh prince says:

      todd brown in boxing not mma

    • RTB Gains says:

      taifhamid1 ain’t dissing but cyborg seems to only fight real contenders that are way smaller then her(Holly holm former 135champ,just fought 135 Invicta champ,now she’s looking at Nunes). Would be like khabib only fighting 145lbers at 155

  18. johnnyboy3217 says:

    Love Ellen and Ronda Rousey Two strong Ladies…….

  19. Deamum Muktaref Shrestho says:

    *Ronda Rousey is the Female Version of Brock Lesnar*
    *But I love to see when Badass Ronda talks like a very normal person with smiling* 😀

  20. Nasser Feed says:

    Her career went to hell since she lost to Holly Holm, it’s sad

    • Ronald Stonecipher says:

      I’m pretty sure they’re paying her well at WWE and it’s something she always wanted to do so…….anyway how’s your career? You should be concerned with it instead of some woman you don’t even know.

    • Ka'pella Nuwavin says:

      Nasser Feed Holly’s foot is too blame!!!

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