Roomba Pong with Jessica Alba and Jeff Foxworthy

Roomba Pong with Jessica Alba and Jeff Foxworthy

Jessica Alba and Jimmy face off against Jeff Foxworthy and Steve Higgins in a game of Beer Pong with a twist, the cups move around the table on Roombas.

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Roomba Pong with Jessica Alba and Jeff Foxworthy

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20 Responses

  1. arxxiib says:


  2. Captain Halo says:

    Prepare your dicks, my sons.

  3. tomas carreon says:

    JK news

  4. Cinnamon Drip says:

    this is from JKPARTY! !!!!

  5. Hearsh Oberoi says:

    Dicks out for Harambe

  6. rockstar1751 says:

    I wish Jessica Alba was my ?HOT MOM?

  7. papasmurfzable says:

    I know they don’t fill the cups very much, but come on… There should be
    enough liquid in them to where a rimjob won’t knock it over.

  8. Norman Singh says:

    Not exactly what I hoped Jessica Alba would do with a ping pong but that
    will do…that will do nicely…giggidy!!

  9. Tony LeeIm says:

    3:00 There was like no beer in the cups and you could tell she still ain’t
    finish it hahaah

  10. Little Xel says:

    That was a bounce shot… That’s two cups…

  11. t k01 says:

    how is she so pretty how

  12. H8Beats says:

    still hot….

  13. Clinton “Clint” Eastwood, Jr. says:

    If there are more people in your town than teeth…

  14. Ozlem Z says:

    Reminds me of tessa

  15. Hyplexity says:

    1:55 Jimmy wanted to hug Jessica so bad right there…

  16. Lomax0506 says:

    Haha all Jimmy wanted to do was hug Jessica.

  17. TheJuniorAumanac says:

    I guess you could say Jeff Foxworthy isn’t any better at Roomba pong than a
    fifth grader.

  18. Zaihr says:

    Elbows Jimmy wtf

  19. Mark Nava says:

    It’s the Golden Corral dude

  20. hubber ducky says:

    IDubbbz, you have it too much attention.