Rudy Giuliani Chuck Todd FULL HEATED Interview On Leaked Donald Trump Tapes

Rudy Giuliani Chuck Todd FULL HEATED Interview On Leaked Donald Trump Tapes

Donald Trump was “shocked” to hear that he has said “terrible” things about women, Rudy Giuliani said Sunday, responding to leaked audio of lewd comments the Republican presidential nominee made in 2005. “I think when he heard them, he was shocked. I’m not going to say that he didn’t remember them, but they probably weren’t at the top of his mind,” Giuliani, a Trump adviser and former New York City mayor, said on NBC’s “Meet the Press.” “And when he was confronted with it, he was pretty darn shocked that he had said such terrible things, and he feels terrible about it.” “He feels terrible for his family and how embarrassing it is for them. He feels terrible from his own point of view. But he also realizes he has a responsibility. And I think the last 14 months have driven that into him.” “Grab them by the p—y.” Trump later apologized for the remarks, saying he will be a “better man.”Rudy Giuliani Chuck Todd FULL HEATED Interview On Leaked Donald Trump Tapes This morning, Rudy Giuliani appeared on meet the press with chuck todd to continue defending Donald Trump as the scandal around his leaked conversation from 2005 grows. As he did last night, Giuliani tried to brush off the seriousness of what his candidate said. (If you need a refresher, Trump told Billy Bush that famous men can do “anything” to women, even “grab them by the p*ssy.”) chuck todd really wasn’t having it. He told the heavy-hitting adviser that Trump’s apology from Friday night did not feel like an apology. When Giuliani said that Trump was just an “entertainment star” when the comments were made

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20 Responses

  1. stabg289 says:

    as soon as he mentioned Bill Clinton the Rapist the interview was over ?

  2. Friend of Bagu says:

    Because the strategy of “yes I’m rapey, but not as rapey as Bill Clinton”
    is really really smart. That will totally work and he will absolutely be
    elected president.

  3. Carl Scruggs says:


    good lord is that giuliani’s ringtone

  4. Tomas Kuli says:

    6:32 ahahahah so that means we should forget what Hillary said, right?

    I was caught grabbing pussy, so I’m going to talk about Bill having
    consensual sex with grown ass women who knew who he was and that he was
    married. Hoping for payday.

    And unlike every other wife in America, only Hillary had to support the
    women who cheat with her husband. How about Hillary apologizes and then
    let’s move forward and focus on the issues???


    double standard?

  5. Shane L says:

    so we are bringing something up that happened over 10 12 years ago. and its
    getting more blown up than hillarys email that threaten national security?
    cmon america. media is biased. trump wasnt even running then. your holding
    trump to politics from the past when he has never been a politician. thats
    like telling a football player we expect you to be just as good at
    futbol(soccer). hillary broke the law and didnt get charged yet trump says
    something a decade ago and omg what a big deal. gimmie a break. lol this is
    a joke.

  6. MrVegiita says:

    I’d like to see this Chuck Todd do an interview with crooked hillary and
    bill Clinton, similar questions about the rape and sexual allegations.

  7. Jennifer Smith says:

    Yeah end the interview once he brings up Bill Clinton rapping woman

  8. Mojo Motive says:

    why is it OK for bill Clinton to rape and grope womn

  9. cam demobile says:

    crappy job, Todd.

  10. Marco Peranteau says:

    the Clintons are digging deep..they have nothing more on him omg let it
    go.God this asshole

  11. Rich Guz says:

    Trump goes on , he is a man , he loves women !! It’s quite obvious what the
    establishment and people in power are out to get to him !! Wake up America
    ! Trump 2016 like that host never talked liked that ? BS

  12. Paul Wood says:

    Chuck Todd is a shill punk for Hillary. Get a new job Chuck.

  13. sunfishdana says:

    Too bad we no longer can focus on the issues of life and death facing this
    country today. Our national security, our vets waiting for treatment and
    dying while waiting, open borders for ISIS to come in and kill us. But No
    we have to talk about Trumps private locker room banter from 11 years ago.

  14. Howard Johnson says:

    Giuliani’s kids don’t even speak to him. This guy married his 1st cousin
    and has married three times. He is despicable.

  15. Jamel “Omar” Macon says:

    When he says lower taxes he is talking about for the 1%.

  16. tannenbaum says:

    I wish Chuck would ask Hillary tough questions they way he asks
    Republicans. FYI Hillary and Bill talked in much worse terms during the
    Clinton sex scandals, and Bill not only talked buy also physically abused
    and raped women!!

  17. Adnan Kashogi says:

    Whats more disturbing is how he was talking about his daughter on Howard

  18. Raul Aztlan says:


  19. skynet000001 says:

    This piece of sh!t couldn’t apologize for saying the President wasn’t born
    here. Why would he now for this?

  20. Davide tobecomewhole says:

    that guy is a terrorist!!!