Runner prematurely celebrates win, gets passed at finish line

Runner prematurely celebrates win, gets passed at finish line

Talk about a letdown. Check out this runner from Oregon celebrating his win a bit too early.

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19 Responses

  1. Gamez Finity says:

    Come Watch My Videos Hurry!!!!!

  2. clementeunknown says:

    Hahahaha hahaha and ha ha. That is all

  3. Nicholas Golden says:


  4. matthew samuels says:

    How to throw a race and make yourself look stupid at the same time.

  5. Rob Bergeron says:

    Go Cats!

  6. brianyarde says:

    Somebody call the cops! Someone just stole my race LOL!!!!…hahaaaaaa!!

  7. suerte03211978 says:

    Ahahahahahaha! What a dumbass!

  8. hineighbor says:

    Always check your 6

  9. sbtbfanatic says:

    What an arrogant prick – I’m glad he lost! If you are going to celebrate,
    do it after you cross the finish line

  10. Tareq Ebadi says:

    hopefully-lesson learned lol ..

  11. tintinban says:

    Classic reenactment of “The Tortoise and the Hare”

  12. Bassmanwcm says:

    Reading through the comments here…English, English, English, then one
    juan ( one, juan, two, two,…oh wait, never mind) comments and says just
    one word…”pendejo.” Look, If there is a spanish thread…yeah by all
    means, chatter away, but all English and you throw that in? We do not care
    that you are a Spaniard…Oh and yes, this guys balloon just got majorly
    deflated. Not air escaping but a huge pop heard in the entire county.

  13. gigglyfitzgirl says:

    0:11 the face of realization LOL

  14. chris castaneda says:

    what a fucken dumbass lmao

  15. antibling says:


  16. raglanheuser says:


  17. Scranj Screma says:

    I love how he puts his palms up like to say “What the hell are you doing?”
    to the guy passing him. Uhhh, winning the race?

  18. Jose Vargas says:

    Old Wise Coach from school – “You gotta finish strong”

  19. cornholio777 says:

    Haunting experience for the rest of his life