Russell Brand Reacts To Meghan & Harry Interview

Russell Brand Reacts To Meghan & Harry Interview

Reaction to Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s Primetime interview with Oprah.

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My Audible Original, ‘Revelation’, is released on 25 March


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75 Responses


    There are two kinds of people: Those who think the government cares about them, and those who think.

    • 647 TDOT says:

      lets see how many subscribers I can get from this comment :). currently at 334

    • Sweetie Donald Trump says:

      Have you travelled to 3rd world countries? You can’t say they don’t care: the system is not perfect but we are far better off than most countries in the world.

      Is the interest of every government to care about their citizens – otherwise everything else will be mess!

    • Seymour Butts says:

      Was this supposed to sound profound? Who is the government? If government is formed by the people and you say the government is bad, then people are bad according to your world view. If you think you can do a better job than elected people, then run!

    • 1Bucsbabe says:

      Some in Gov might care but the majority only care about that paycheck and control unfortunately

    • TrueNemesisPrime says:

      Love this lol

  2. Sean Gaudet says:

    Let’s not waste time on celebrities, the World has 7.5 billion people, 7.4 which do not care about celebrities opinions.

  3. Scott Murphy says:

    It’s being used as a distraction, meanwhile police in England have just been granted extra powers to stop ANY peaceful protest that is deemed a ‘disruption’ whether that be transport or whatever. Talk about that!

    • Jordan Jones says:

      End of the day, Russle Brand *Can’t tell the truth* because he’s in the same company as the royals and has no hope telling the truth to the lower classes without fear of being targeted like all the other people who have followings which in the past have been killed or silenced! We can’t look to anyone middle class up to tell us the truth nor can we trust anyone above that, they’re all scared to lose their incomes and keep quite to any atrocities committed against us

    • Jordan Jones says:

      Same goes for the people of America, Nelson told us Waaaaaay back when it wasn’t obvious

    • waynus says:

      @Michael are you having a fucking laugh??? better under Tony “war criminal” Blair and Gordon “i`ve had a stroke” Brown??? i`m no tory by any means but you seriously need to ditch those rose tinted specs mate!!

    • Neil Clare says:

      To true scott.they only see what they want to see .we live in a feudal system,controled by the very privileged classes. its like the firm controls the system we have to live in, you have to look inside the system to see the faults takes time to find their mind set.

    • Lucy Callaghan says:

      Don’t look there, look here.

  4. dobcsek says:

    “My dad cut me off financially” – 36 years old man with tens of millions on his bank account.

    • Montblanc says:

      @Matt Y and it’s only effective because fools are willing to lend infinite credibility at 0% interest rate to certain groups of people using those underhanded tactics. I hate that this stupid woman makes me defend people I dislike, and, or disagree with such as Elizabeth II, or Piers Morgan, but it is what is. If she really was oppressed nobody would’ve given a rat’s ass about her alleged suffering because of racism.

    • axmortz says:

      @T Boxing you are deluded. Seek help

    • miss mary says:

      Ah Poor boy!!

    • Sarah Holland says:

      How come Meghan didn’t mention her mental health to her pregnancy care team? They would surely be concerned re it’s effect on her pregnancy & refer her? Harry accessed therapy, why couldn’t he ring his therapist? Who said no?? He was a Royal, you tell your staff what you need they bend over backwards to get it . Each Royal has a private secretary who runs their household,money & staff.

    • T Boxing says:

      @David Allen Evidence in the news papers, I’m sure you’re educated enough to find them yourself.

  5. Tulip Blossom says:

    In Grace Kelly’s last interview with ABC she even back then agreed the press was vile.

  6. DJVader says:

    Didn’t even talk about the interview in this whole video.

    • jon bonham says:

      who cares. Are you that sad that you care that much about this interview?

    • Bottlecapbill says:

      I guess his point was……..this interview and our desire to watch is IS the problem. Stop caring.

    • Mary Bloody says:

      Came off better like this, it’s a whole institution we’re talking about and such a things needs to be broken down by thought because we’re so used to it we forget important details

    • Dana Foster says:

      The explanation of the monarchy desimates megans claim of race being why Archie is not a prince. So the race card doesn’t factor in when the protocols have been set for centuries race is not a factor. Harry knew his kid would not be a prince. Harry should have told Megan that. She has the internet and could have and should have looked how the monarchy was. Thats on her.

  7. RIG NATION says:

    What an brilliant breakdown. I’m so glad he resisted the temptation to parrot the tropes so clearly on display of race and gender etc. Very insightful!

    • sanfrancity100 says:

      @Darth Vacation you reckon? The monarchy rubber stamps anything the government of the day puts to them, such as, going to war or calling an election. The modern monarch would never challenge these motions as the act would trigger a constitutional crisis, namely the elected being undermined and prevented by the unelected crown. ‘Her Majesties’ prisons or armed forces doesn’t equate to any power or influence, namely for the reason above. On another line, will be very interesting to see what happens with the Royals when she goes…

    • Darth Vacation says:

      @sanfrancity100 we dont have a constitution, this isnt america. The Queen swayed the Gov’ into hiding her wealth, which she hides in various business fronts all over the UK and EU. She has way more power than she wants you to believe…

    • Jimbo7 says:

      @Darth Vacation Do you have any sources of reading that you could point in my direction? I don’t disbelieve you, I’m just curious to look more into it. Not super educated about that stuff as an American.

  8. Elena P. says:

    This is me during exams when I don’t like the question.

  9. Bayou Grove says:

    Nothing said about the interview, just 9 minutes of “the royals are privileged”.

  10. jbf says:

    When all is said and done, to give a heavily biased one sided interview with an absolute guarantee that you won’t be sued and that the people you are knocking will not respond with a similar interview says a lot about them both.

    • Fizz Knit says:

      I agree with you. So shameful to slate and accuse family, or any person, who have zero recourse to respond and deny. An easy target for the Sussex’s, and they get sympathy and a free pass.

  11. titine naturelle says:

    Who need “royal expert” when you can have Russell.

    • EpsilonGoods says:

      There are much more graver threats in the world, like the tens of thousands of Saudi princes running amok. I think the U.K. is just a distraction from other more serious problems that have nothing to do with race or privilege. In fact, people’s obsession with whining all the time is really bogging us all down.

  12. Avni Vassilis says:

    A Royal Family belongs in two places.
    Fantasy novels and history books.

  13. Michael Duffy says:

    I was happy that she got over her suicidal thoughts in time for her star-studded baby shower in New York two weeks later. That took a lot of resilience and is all the more admirable since her passport was taken away.

    • nve Fau says:

      @Michael Duffy I’ll take that criticism and work on it

    • Michael Duffy says:

      @nve Fau I think that’s best. Inability to accept that people have opinions that differ from the narrative that feeds into the ego hit people derive from performative compassion is a failing that needs addressing.

    • Zam weazle says:

      Everyone’s been picking on Megan and Harry since like day one. Yet no one says thing about Kate and William? 🤷‍♂️

    • Michael Duffy says:

      @Zam weazle That’s because Kate and William have something Harry and MeMeMeAgain don’t have: class, dignity and respect for the centuries old institution they belong to.

    • Zam weazle says:

      @Michael Duffy Well if you think so. Personally I think they’re as dull as ditchwater. Then again I’m not a monachist particularly so I don’t see much merit in any of it really.

  14. ADE says:

    Lady c did a great breakdown on her utube channel, I’d take what meg says with a bucket of salt

  15. The Great Elephant says:

    This is how many people will take Russell Brand’s MasterClass about him teaching anything.

  16. edward humphrey says:

    Would love to hear Russell’s view on Machiavelli and his teachings. Maybe a review of his books and ideas.

  17. kristal figueroa says:

    I feel like this was more of an explanation about the monarchy , great vocabulary tho!👏🏼😊

  18. Jeremy Boyanton says:

    What blows my mind is nowadays people just believe everything like there is no way she could be just making it up? Why does no one ask questions anymore everything is just taken at face value how dare you question someone wtf is wrong with this world

    • Foday Saccoh says:

      You are right to an extent but don’t forget that this most powerful family has a track record on racial issues

    • CAJUN ALASKAN says:

      ▪︎Not everyone here in America we are fighting just to keep the right question we’re going to win that fight

    • Angela Porisky says:

      We have to question anything Meghan says. Especially when she blatantly lies. She lied to millions of people that she never googled Harry or his family. That’s absolutely ridiculous for anyone to suggest or expected to believe. She lied and said that she paid for her own education. That’s categorically a lie.

    • Manolis Gledsodakis says:

      >someone wtf is wrong with this world

      Lack of punctuation is what is wrong with this world. Inability to communicate unambiguously.

    • jenel cameron says:

      @Angela Porisky she definitely lie about not knowing who the queen and Harry was. That was a full blown lie u can not be in England and don’t know who they were and she was in England.

  19. Barbara says:

    Harry : My dad cut me of financially

    Harry : Buys a $14M mansion

  20. Commander Shepard says:

    She comes off very fake in the interview. My real issue with this is it didn’t take an interview with Oprah to let ppl know about your issues. And when you boil it down: it’s a princess that doesn’t get along with her in laws or her father because they allegedly said mean or nasty things to her/about her. No one can relate with her because she has no other worries in her life. It’s also issues that she brought on herself by marrying into that family. You knew you would be in the public eye constantly and be under scrutiny from the public/media. There’s no possible way she couldn’t have known. Kate Middleton was front page news for doing literally anything when she first came into the family. Meghan saying she had no idea about the family is a bold faced lie.

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