Russell Westbrook Gives Stephen An Eyewear Makeover

Russell Westbrook Gives Stephen An Eyewear Makeover

Five-time NBA All-Star Russell Westbrook is also a fashion designer, so he decided to help Stephen step up his glasses game.

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20 Responses

  1. Annika Orne says:

    While his style isn’t really to my taste, it’s nice to see a man mixing it
    up with his fashion choices. :)

  2. Fleur Inoue says:

    Stephen is really good-looking

  3. schinkelmeyer says:

    At first I was glad to not have to see an ad before the clip until I
    realised the whole clip was an ad.

  4. Xeno Fractal says:


  5. Alex Elchev says:

    Sure they look nice, but do they fix broken ankles?

  6. Nina D. says:

    The Venice glasses actually looked really good on Stephen.

  7. Z Shariff says:

    nice wild wild westbrook

  8. Ronda Robinson says:

    I hate fake glasses

  9. quay quayy says:

    “russel westbrook looks like a sandwich”

  10. 84chevypickup says:

    damn. most nba players are retarded.. lol
    they speak and communicate like children

  11. William Postill says:

    He’s an athlete AND a fashion designer? So he has both of the most useless
    professions in existence. Good job not contributing to society, Russell
    Westbrook. How many sweatshops does your company own? Or are you too busy
    promoting violence and a culture of exploitation with your sports career to
    count all your sweatshops?

    NOBODY should be idolized for being a fashion designer. The fashion
    industry is one of the most wasteful, elitist and exploitative industries
    on the planet. Not to mention that professional sports glorify ignorance,
    violence and excess. Russell Westbrook should not be applauded, he should
    be castigated for his participation in this heinous system. Why is Western
    society broken? Because Russell Westbrook and other useless parasites like
    him are idolized while scientists, political thinkers and social activists
    are marginalized.

  12. Adam Farnsworth says:

    I just had my first brush with a “get off my lawn” moment when I heard that
    he wears the frames with no lenses.

    Kids these days… lol

  13. Maureen McLean says:

    You do ware glasses.

  14. bison1203 says:

    I love Westbrook. Maybe not his fashion sense, but he’s a sweetheart and a
    blast to watch on the court.

  15. kotan80 says:

    Racist comments in 1,2,3…

  16. Shady says:

    If he’s already making millions why put in effort into a glasses line?
    greedy rich niggas go feed the poor and help the middle east (and this go
    out too all rappers and sport players)

  17. MAN31256 says:

    I think I have the same jeans. Are those Saint Laurent ?

  18. Cop Perry says:

    i’m surprised he hasn’t jango’s first outfit on.

  19. TheMOTZYOGURT says:

    I think he did a good job executing

  20. Anthony Cisneros says:

    He should’ve showed off his shoes too, Jordan Westbrook 0’s are dope